An Idol Worshipper Comes to Jesus

One Subramanyam (name of a hindu god ), was worship in the idols especially a hindu god named ‘Ayyappa’. Then he wore the black dress for formality as a Ayyappa devote.

He listened the day he came to my house and he asked me about Jesus Christ. I shared the word of God with him.  I explained about idols from Acts. 17:29 and Rom.1:23 – 25. At the same time I explained about Jesus Christ Crucified, Resurrection.  He believed Jesus Christ as His savior and accept Him as the real God and living God. He came to our Church with white dress and he gave his witness in a Sunday service, which was conducted by me.

I shared the word of God with him from Mark 16:16 and Matt. 28:19. So he obeyed to the word of God. He became ready. So I gave him water immersion Baptism. Now, he is one of the pillar in our Church. Now this person named Mark. Mark is excommunication of their relatives and community, because he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.

In this way many were saved from their idol worshipping and accepted Jesus Christ as their real God and took Baptisms. Please pray for our Church believers especially converted Christians.


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