Are We There Yet?



Today in the car, Moses’s daughter was lamenting about her developing homeland, India. She went to medical school in the Ukraine for 4 years and got a taste of western culture and some common amenities. I have only been here 4 years now, but I told her about the amazing progress I have noticed:


1 – Major 4 lane highways with overpasses are in progress and each day we see construction at work.

2 – The sewers are covered in the cities (previous they were all open – ECK !)

3 – Very few mosquitoes, even in the “out houses” we use (they carry malaria)

4 – Fewer wild street dogs (they also carry diseases & rabies etc. and are definitely NOT friendly pets)

5 – Almost no random cows walking around in the cites (we did see 2 yesterday, so I couldn’t say none)

6 – I saw/heard 2 ambulances today. Previously, they were non-existent, so maybe signs of increasing medical infrastructure.

7 – More children have access to education in English in the villages. Previously the schools taught in the native Telugu language and it did not prepare them for high school, let alone college or even a business job.

8 – No more women and children using roadsides for bathrooms. The men still do routinely  (eck! again)


I am sure there is more progress but these are major improvements in an ancient culture in 4 short years. The next generations of Indians are going to be FABULOUS! They are smart; they are tired of the inefficiencies and old ways of government. The educated see honesty is necessary for getting work done. What a bright future. It just isn’t here yet. (January 21, 2018  Vijayawada, India)


Love Nancy

by Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer, Christian Training Organization

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