Belt of Truth (Armor of God 5)

BELT of TRUTH (Ephesians 6:14) (Armor of God 5)

The belt a Roman soldier wore was an important piece of equipment  for it held the weapons and equipment which he carried with him.  It also held his clothing out of the way so he wouldn’t stumble and fall when moving or fighting.  In cool weather a heavy cloak was worn and it was easy to get tangled up in it if there wasn’t a belt to hold it out of the way.

LESSON FOR TODAY:  Paul equates this with knowing God’s truth which keeps us from stumbling and falling spiritually.  Satan would do anything he can to trip us up with his lies and deceptions (John 8:44).  His demons put thoughts in our mind that we’ll never have victory but will always be defeated, that God doesn’t care about us because our sin is so great, that what we are going through is our own fault and we deserve to suffer, that Jesus isn’t God, that we are inferior to others and a failure, or any lie that can trip us up.  Whenever we get a thought that doesn’t line up with God’s truth as revealed in His Word, a thought that Jesus wouldn’t have entertained, make sure you reject it as well.

LESSON FOR TODAY: The way to have victory over Satan’s lies and deceptions is by knowing God’s truth.  1) Ask God to show you any lies you believe, then 2) confess them as sin and replace them with the truth of God’s Word.  Find Scripture passages and write them down to carry with you and use them when attacked.  Make sure 3) you take back any access any demons have claimed through these lies.  Also 4) spend time each day reading and learning God’s Word, including marking and memorizing passages which speak to you. 

            LESSON FOR TODAY: God’s truth is the basis for all we are and have.  We are God’s people under His care and protection.  Nothing can harm us.  Not even curses that are knowingly or unknowingly placed against us.


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