Books, Books, Books

One of the greatest joys I have in India is giving each pastor a set of 7 books after each conference.  Very few have more than a Bible.  We give them the only books they have and they treasure them.  They expand on the topics covered in the conferences and go into them in much more detail.  The conference sessions give them the basics and motivate them to apply what they are known, then the books review and reinforce what they heard me say.  They go into much more detail and, I think, create a very good basic library for every pastor.  The books are:

What God Expects of Pastors

            Spiritual Warfare

            Marriage and Ministry

            Bible Prophecy

            Studying the Bible

            Preaching and Teaching the Bible

            Bible Overview (a large book on the background, content and culture of every book and main event in the Bible)

These books are distributed all year round and given to many men who can’t attend the conferences.  Those who have them pass them on to others who then give them to still others.  They spread sound Biblical information on all aspects of pastoring to these men.  The wives and church leaders read them as well.  Many times I am told that a pastor is using one of them to teach his people.

In seminary I always wanted to write books, but it wasn’t until I started coming to India that this became possible.  It’s a great joy for me and a special privilege to spread God’s Word in this way.  Long after I am able to come to India the books will continue to be spread and read.  This wouldn’t be possible without the finances you provide over and above the costs of our conferences.
Thanks so much!!!!!

I would like to write a book on Apologetics, “What Difference Does It Make?” which I am covering in conferences now.  I would also like to write a book on Biblical Counseling and another on Discipling Believers so they will grow as a Christian.

Why don’t we just use books that are already written?  I tried to do that but copyrights limit use and I haven’t found any focused on the needs and circumstances of pastors in India who have no theological training.

2 Timothy 4:13 When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, and my scrolls, especially the parchments.

What books has God used in a special way to help you grow through the years?  Thank God for them.

Is there anyone you know who would benefit from a book to help them in their current situation?  Buy it and give or send it to them. 

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