Cultural Tidbits from Nancy

This trip is a contrast between “over the top” joyful AND “Why am I HERE? – Get me home now!

They put mothballs over all the drains. They say it is to keep the bugs and snakes from coming out of the drain. So far ,so good.

12 yrs of visits to India & the “head bob” still confuses me.

Time is still VERY fluid, so is honesty

You can never have too much hand sanitizer.

Telugu language is interspersed with English words such as college, education, studies, classes, TV, cell phone, computer, auto to name a few. The more modern the object, the more likely it is to have an English word. Many medical words are the same also.

 The newspaper here reported that young marrieds feel children are too expensive and are opting to “parent pets”… um sounds familiar?


At a conference this week the church had sliding glass windows. It was raining so they closed them. That was good because during the session a HUGE monkey perched outside the window trying to get in! I suppose he didn’t have an umbrella.

Last night I had our window shade pulled down. I heard this horrid shrieking & something banging on the window. It sounded like a scene from Hitcock’s movie, the Birds. I was too afraid to look. Today I realized what it was… fighting monkeys. The bars on our windows are to keep monkeys OUT not keep people IN …. Ohh India! (pictures below)

In winter the skies are hazy with a thick morning fog while we are DRIVING ! Who doesn’t like a challenge? Some use their headlights, many don’t. Indians are serious thrill seekers!

The temperatures are a pleasant 67 in the morning and rise to low 90’s by 4pm. The air is dry, so think -Texas!  Quite pleasant.  (February 10, 2019  Kurnool, India)

Jerry Schmoyer

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