Demons Yield to Jesus

DEMONS ALWAYS YIELD TO JESUS  (Gadarenes Demoniac 5)

So far in these blogs about Jesus and the demonized men in Gadarenes, we’ve seen symptoms and causes of demonizing.  Now comes the good part – when Jesus drives out the demons and frees the men from bondage.

LESSON FOR TODAY 1:   The demons could not prevent these men from coming to Jesus.  No matter how many demons or how strong the influence, God always makes sure the person still can make a free will choice to move away from the demons and towards God should they choose to do so.  No one is helpless, locked in – not unless they choose for it to be that way.  (see Symptom 3. Out of Control. above for more information about a demonized person’s free will).

This is the only time Jesus ever talked to a demon.  He asked him his name, which was ‘Legion’ meaning about 5,000 or 6,000 soldiers, signifying the number of demons influencing this man.  Jesus wanted everyone to see how great His power was by how many demons He could defeat at one time.  The only other thing they said was a request to go into the pigs.  Jesus had commanded them to leave and, while they stalled as long as they could, they knew they couldn’t resist His command.

LESSON FOR TODAY 2:  Jesus had to command the demons to come out over and over (Mark 5:8, continual present tense in the Greek, “kept saying over and over”).  They were very resistant to leaving, even when Jesus commanded them.  This is the only time that happened for every other time they left immediately (Matthew 8:16).  Some demons have such a strong hold on their host that it takes persistent warfare to remove them (Mark 9:29).

As stated, the demons made an unusual request – to indwell the pigs which were nearby since they could no longer indwell the men.  Jesus allowed this, again probably to show those watching the power and destruction of the demons He had so easily defeated.

LESSON FOR TODAY 3:   Demons want to indwell something, if they lose their host they will immediately seek another.  Often, they share several hosts at one time, moving from one person to another.  That’s why demonic oppression often seems to go in cycles.

If demons can’t indwell people, they will indwell animals.  Perhaps this is why sometimes whales, the animals with the greatest intelligence and the closest to humans in many ways, beach themselves.  I’ve often wondered if what happened to these pigs doesn’t still happen sometimes today. That could be an explanation of why these great sea creatures some times beach and kill themselves.  This shows that demons seek to bring death and destruction, and self-destructive tendencies come from demonic influence.  Why else would pigs suddenly commit suicide?

LESSON FOR TODAY 4:  The demons didn’t want to be sent “out of the area” (Mark 5:10).  This was the territory they were assigned to and they didn’t want to leave it.  It was their ‘home’ area.  Demons are assigned to different geographical locations, families, groups, world movements, religious or secular groups, etc.  They stay with them for generations and want to continue working in those areas.  They become very good at what they do.

LESSON FOR TODAY 5:  Neither did they want to be sent “into the abyss” (Luke 8:31).  The Greek word, ‘tartarus,’ is used as a place of confinement for demons who are awaiting their expulsion into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:1-3).  They didn’t want to go there because they would then be inactive and not able to cause harm to God’s kingdom.

LESSON FOR TODAY 6:  The demons knew they would one day be tormented, but it was not time for that yet (Matthew 8:29).  They fear the coming judgment.  We can have courage and confidence that they fear us when we are ministering in Jesus’ power.

 The end of the story has a happy ending:  “When they came to Jesus they saw the man who had been demonized by the legion of demons, sitting there, dressed and in his right mind” (Mark 5:15).  Today we talk about chemical imbalances, emotional disorders and bipolar tendencies.  We prescribe various kinds of medicines.  When Jesus faced people with these symptoms, He cast out the demons and immediately they were total freed and completely normal and mentally healthy

LESSON FOR TODAY 7:  When Jesus cast demons out of someone or forgave them He, in some manner or way, told them to not sin any more (John 8:11). It was sin that led to the bondage and demonizing in the first place.  The sin must be confessed (admitted to as sin, I John 1:9) in order for the demons to no longer be able to claim it and stay.

LESSON FOR TODAY 8: Here is a prayer you can use if you sense any demonic activity against yourself.  You can change the words and use them for others.  It is only an example. There is no one right way to pray or say things.  Adapt and use this however you would like:

“Dear Jesus, I thank you for the salvation you give me in Jesus.  I  know You are greater than Satan and His demons.  I know You have power and authority over them.  I know You have given us that power & authority in Jesus’ name.  In Jesus name I forbid any demons to work against me or my family or my church.  In Jesus name I close the door to any reason they think they can work against me.  If I have committed any sin that they use to work against me I put it under the blood of Jesus.  In Jesus’ name I forbid them to work and command them to be gone.  In Jesus’ name I break any claim that comes down through my family line.  I am a new creation in God’s family.  I forbid any claim against me through my name or family line.  In Jesus’ name I dedicate the land where my home and church are to God.  In Jesus’ name I break any claim demons may make through those places.  I ask for Your presence only to fill and use those places.  In Jesus’ name I break any curses any one has made against me, my family or my church.  Jesus has taken all my curse on the cross.  His power has broken any power of the enemy against me.  So in Jesus’ name I forbid any demons to work against me or my family or my church.  I commit myself and my family and my church to God only.  Fill me with Your Holy Spirit.  Surround me with Your angels.  Use me for Your glory.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen”

Meditate for a few moments a you think back over what you learned from this encounter in Gadarenes.  Thank God for His truth and the freedom you have gained through applying it.  Ask Him to continue to teach and apply His truths from this event to your life.  Thank Him for His faithfulness in doing so.



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