Equality: Good or Bad


A few years ago, when I was out for a run, I saw an insect I had never seen before. It looked like a colorful, beautiful moth. However, I soon found out that it was the Spotted Lantern Fly and has killed 300 million ash trees in Pennsylvania. That is 1/3 of the total number. When the ash trees are all gone, then they will start on apple trees and others. These insects look beautiful, but they’re destructive,

The same is true of much of what is being accepted as truth today.  Jesus tells us that the truth will set us free (John 8:32).  Yet we’re not seeing much freedom today. Instead, there is much bondage, darkness, defeat and depression taking place.

In previous blogs, we have compared the world’s solution to racial problems with the biblical worldview. We looked at social and racial reform, wokeness, critical race theory, cancel culture and black lives matter. We saw they don’t line up with God’s truth as revealed in the Bible.  Now let’s look at the world’s solution to moral problems such as gender equality, abortion, LGBTQ+ and gender reassignment.

Absolute truth is found in God’s word, and only in God’s word. God sets our standards and we must apply them to every area of life.   If there is no God, or if He hasn’t revealed truth in the Bible, then man himself becomes the final determinator of right and wrong. The Biblical worldview says that sin does exist, and the only solution is salvation in Jesus. We cannot deny the problem of sin and expect it to go away. We cannot turn from the solution of Jesus and think there is another way, for everything else fails. Since God exists, He has the final say as to what is right and what is wrong.

God clearly says that all people are equal. The United States passed the Civil Rights act to make sure that the rights of every citizen were equally enforced. We would all agree with that. However, recently it has been amended to include sexual orientation and gender identity. That may not sound like anything major, but its application hurts many innocent people today.

What happens when the rights of people to choose their own values and beliefs conflict with those who want to force everyone to accept their views of sexuality? When it goes contrary to what God’s Word says then it is not just a matter of preference, but of right and wrong.

Gays deserve personal rights as all human being do. But when their personal rights take precedence over the personal rights of others, then problems occur. That is what is happening with Evangelical Christians today. In many places, faith-based organizations cannot deny employment based on sexuality. Transgender surgeries are required of faith-based hospitals. We all have heard about cake-makers and wedding photographers who have been penalized for not serving gays.

Putting the rights of some over the rights of others takes away their privacy and protection. It’s not only Christians who suffer from this. When bathrooms become open to anyone who wants to use them, the rights of some are made secondary to the rights of others.  This can be especially dangerous for females.  Women competing against men in their same sports is not fair. Open locker rooms and restrooms in schools and malls are just unsafe.  The list goes on and on.

We are all created equal. Genesis 1:27 affirms that God created us as male and female. None are valued above the other. But each is created with a specific sex that is not fluid or determined by how we feel at any given moment.  We’ll see more about this in future blogs.

Do you truly believe you are no better than those of other races?  What about other cultures?  How about those with different lifestyles?  Ask God to show you any sin in your thinking.  Confess it and ask God to cleanse you from it.


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