The title, and chorus, of an old Southern Gospel song I like is “My House is Full but My Fields are Empty’”  The words continue, “Who will go and work for Me today?  It seems My children all want to sit around My table, but no one wants to go work in My fields.”

Clearly it is more enjoyable hanging around our Father’s home with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  The fellowship with God and each other, the peace and joy, the worship and closeness are wonderful.  That’s what heaven will be like and its fine to have a taste of it in this life.  But this isn’t heaven yet, and hanging out with the Father and His family all the time is not the only thing He has for us.  We also need to spend time working in the fields.  That means work, toil, sweat and often pain and struggle.

Going into the fields to work doesn’t mean we have to be a missionary in India or Africa, but it does mean we go to where the needs are in our own family, our neighborhood and among those who don’t know Jesus.  It can be dirty, difficult and often unrewarding work.  But it must be done.  If someone hadn’t done it for you then you probably wouldn’t know Jesus now.

In India the fields are everywhere and can’t be avoided. It’s becoming that way in the USA as the fields grow and expand all around us.  Here, though, we can still become so involved in church and family activities that we don’t have to go into the field.  So enjoy the Father’s house when you are there, but do look for opportunities to spend some time each day in the fields.  The father notices and generously rewards those who labor for Him wherever we live.

John 4:37-38  “Thus the saying ‘One sows and another reaps’ is true. I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.”

Spend a few minutes in prayer.  Ask God to show you the fields around you where He wants you to work.  It may be preparing the ground, weeding, cultivating or even harvesting the crop.  Listen carefully as He brings work assignments to your mind.  Jot them down and commit to doing what you can this very day to serve.  Like working in a garden, it takes a little work every day to produce the desired effect.

INDIA UPDATE:  One way we are helping the Christian in India work more effectively in the fields thee is by providing for 200,000 tracts for them to give out.  This is in addition to the 3,350 Bibles that have been provided through our ministry this year.  Pray God will direct these to the places He wants them to go and that He uses them for His glory.

Please keep prying for Pastor Moses’ trip to the USA Sept 1-18 and for my trip to India in January, 2016.  It’s time to set the exact dates and get the tickets – pray for Gods wisdom and guidance.

Another way of reaching into the fields of India is by teaching Hindu women how to sew so then can make clothing for their family and also earn money sewing for others.  This is a great opportunity to present them with the gospel and many come to Jesus this way.  Pray for this ministry as well.

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