Nancy’s Turn


I have been teaching a full schedule at about 85% voice/volume. Much better, but Nancy says I sound like a TB Clinic patient when I wake up..LOL!

Now it’s her turn to be sick. Yesterday it seems Delhi Belly arrived in her stomach. That is India’s version of Montezuma’s Revenge. So today she stayed back at the hotel with Shekinah and rested, drank Gatorade, ate bananas and took medicine. She is sleeping a lot!!  On the positive side, there’s nothing like India stomach problems to help one lose lots of weight fast!

I feel really badly for her.  She helps and takes care of me and everyone else, now she gets sick.  And I can’t even be with her – not that I’m a great help to her but I do try.

We completed another conference today.  It went very, very well.  The men wanted us to have another session when it was all over (at the last conference we did add an extra session because they wanted more).  We didn’t have time today.  They wanted us to come back very soon so Moses told them we didn’t have money for food and travel.  One man volunteered to pay for travel for the pastors who needed it!  So I guess that means they are pleased with what we do!   I hit them very hard on their need to be better husbands and Peter (I dress as Peter) really challenges them about their pride.  Still they respond very positively.  I guess they know the truth when they hear it.

We have a one-day conference tomorrow so we can have off Saturday when we travel to Hyderabad.  It’s be a LONG day with almost twice the sessions we usually have – 2 days in one. (January 26, 2018 Vijayawada, India)

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