The World View arm of CTO centers around a week-long residential camp for teenagers and young adults in Doylestown, PA. There are group teaching sessions, boys and girls separate sessions and advanced and beginner classes. All are followed by small group discussions led by older teens and young adults who have been trained in these areas. About 60 people attend our summer came, 50 our fall reunion weekend, and 20 our spring Leadership Intensive for training for the summer camp. In addition, we have a day-long conference in the fall for parents to better understand their teens and help them mature. Our goal is to help those come to grasp, apply, share and defend their faith.

There are many good times of worship, fellowship and group and individual relationship-building activities. Many of those who are part of this program say it is their favorite week of the year, and those who have grown and moved on consistently say it was one of the very most influential factors in forming their faith and helping them mature emotionally. Our website includes many articles related to world view and spiritual growth is available.

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