Pastor’s Conferences (by Nancy)


They receive fresh content about God and His word

They are encouraged and see value in God’s Word

They get a chance to fellowship with each other

They are very quick to find Bible references

They have an eagerness to sing

Life doesn’t have to be modern to be good



Few pastors come with an expectation to take notes.  They don’t seem to know what to do with a pencil and paper.

There is an undertone of entitlement for any and all resources

They come late the first day and many show up only on the second day

They have an expectation the food shall be of a higher quality than they normally take, and non-veg



Excruciatingly loud PA systems

One or two pastors at most conferences demand additional travel money or books even if they weren’t there both days


Note: The pastors are used to 3 styles of conference communication: British style lecture monologue, Pentecostal emotionalism or denominational promotions and announcements.  They have very low expectations when invited to a pastor’s conference.  Our conferences focus on application of content, presenting new content illustrated with stories, object lessons, magic tricks, personal stories and interacting with the audience.

Sometimes the pastors on day one will excitedly call their pastor friends and encourage them to come on day 2 because of the different communication style.

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