Prayer for Filling by God


Here is a prayer you can use when you pray for God to fill and use you.  There is nothing special about these exact words, you can pray these things any way you want.  This will give you an idea how to pray.

“Dear Jesus, I thank you for the free gift of salvation you have provided in Jesus.  I thank you that all my sins have been paid for by Jesus on the cross.  You say that if we confess our sins you will forgive them.  I confess my sins of _____(name each sin)____________   and put them under the blood of Jesus.  In Jesus’ name I take back any access my sin has given to any demons to work against me, my wife or my children.  I forbid that in Jesus’ name.  Please forgive me, cleanse me and give me victory over those sins.

            “In Jesus’ name I take back any access any of Satan’s forces claim against me through any sins or openings any of my ancestors have given them.  I am a new creation in Christ.  I am born into God’s family and am His child.  In Jesus’ name I forbid any demons to make any claim against me or my family because of my name or blood line to my ancestors.  I break any claim against me or my family through my parents or ancestors sins.  I put that under the blood of Jesus and forbid any of that work against me.  Dear Jesus, please set me free from all evil influences coming from my parents and ancestors in the name of Jesus.  As one who has been delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of God’s dear Son, I cancel out all demonic working that has been passed on to me from my ancestors.  As one who has been crucified and raised with Christ and who sits with him in heavenly places, I reject any and every way in which Satan may claim ownership of me. 

“I now ask You, heavenly Father, to fill me with Your Holy Spirit.  I submit my body as an instrument of righteousness, a living sacrifice, that I may glorify You in my body.  Fill me with your Presence and only Your presence.  Fill me with the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. 

“Forgive me for my failure as a husband and father.  Help me to become more like Jesus in all areas of my life.  Heal me and heal my marriage and family.  Please heal others from the hurts I have caused them.  I confess that as sin and don’t want to ever do it again, but I need Your power and help to have victory over this.  Help me to take whatever steps necessary to have victory over this.

“I dedicate myself and my family 100% to you and you only. I dedicate my marriage, my ministry, my home and all I have to You only. Fill me with your presence now and always. Do whatever is necessary in my life to help me have victory over this and to become more like Jesus.  I know you won’t give me temptation too great for me but will provide a way out (I Cor 10:13).  Help me to find that way out in you, to come to you when the temptation comes.  Have mercy on me and heal me and my family.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen”

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