Sandals of Peace (Armor of God 7)

SANDALS of PEACE 2 (Ephesians 6:15) (Armor of God 7)

In the last blog we saw that the Romans needed sturdy sandals on their feet for marching and fighting.  We talked about how that applies to the place where we live or worship.  It must be free from demonic control.  Let’s apply that same truth in another way in this blog.

LESSON FOR TODAY:  Another way we can find ourselves having poor footing and a harder time standing against Satan, is when we have something in our possession that gives demons access to the place where we are.  When the Jews took possession of Canaan under Joshua they were told to not keep any of the objects they captured.  Even animals and children were to be destroyed.  They had been dedicated to Satan and were claimed by him.  Those who used these things would be opening themselves up to the demonic powers to whom they had been dedicated.  That’s why Paul had the people in Ephesus burn all their occult books (Acts 19:17-20).  Today we must watch for things like literature from other cults and religions, Ouija boards and other occult paraphernalia, pagan objects from primitive cultures, objects from Masonic or other secret societies, some Native American artifacts or the like.  Pornography, drug or alcoholic supplies, music with a black or evil dimension and similar items can also be used as points of entry by demons.

LESSON FOR TODAY:  The solution is 1) to remove and destroy such objects as God convicts you as being openings for demonic access.  Ask for forgiveness for having them, cleanse the room from their presence, 2) take back any access the enemy may claim and dedicate the space as well as yourself to Jesus.  Ask Him to reveal to you anything else that may need to be dealt with.

When a room or object is under the control of an evil spirit for whatever reason they claim, painting crosses by dipping a finger in oil and making them on a wall claims the place for Jesus.  Playing Christian music and leaving a small light on also are offensive to the forces of darkness.  Of course praying and quoting scripture while making the crosses is important, too.  I know I, as a Christian, have great power in blessing people, especially my own family and other Christians.  ‘God bless you’ is more than a slang or shallow comment.  There’s real power in it when one means it that way.  It’s a privilege I use and repeat often to people.  Distance doesn’t seem to affect it at all.  Of course there is something even more special about touching a person when I pray or ask God to bless them, but when far away from them God still answers the prayer.  The power is in God who is everywhere (omnipresent).  Satan and demons are limited to one place at a time so they are at a distinct disadvantage in this, too.


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