Shekinah – A New Friend

Shekinah… a new friend for life and eternity

Who would have thought a 27 yr. old unmarried, Indian gal, trained in a Ukrainian Medical School could “hang out” so delightfully with the 62 yr. old American “madam”? What a joy and so FUN!

Besides talkin’ shop (medical stuff), we talked about politics, culture, married life, raising children, India Christian pastors, fashion, young men, and Bollywood (Indian version of Hollywood). We shared funny stories, shopped for clothes and drank lassi (yogurt milk shake). What was my contribution to her life? I introduced her to Mylanta for her reflux and gastritis. Indian food is disastrous for her. She was symptom free while in the Ukraine and loves their food.  Her mother makes non-spicy Indian food like she makes for us.  The 2 weeks of traveling with us was tough on her food options.  It’s not just Schmoyers that struggle with the food!

Shekinah translated for my lessons.  Her English vocabulary is excellent.  She is spunky, confident, assertive but not aggressive.   She enjoys her feminine nature and embraces it joyfully, different than many American females. I admire her for that.     Her mother does her clothing shopping for her, at her request.  She always looks professional yet totally feminine in her tall, slender, dark frame. She grieves, as I do, the trend of young Indian girls transitioning to Western faded jeans and T-shirts.  I never realized how drab and uninteresting Western clothes are compared to salvars.  Salvars are knee-length dresses covering comfy color contrasting leggings.  I am not a fan of the baggy PJ pants of older Indian style.  But the leggings are stretchy, lightweight and inexpensive – less than $2 a pair.  Indian women look feminine yet not sensual – quite a feat!

I am so grateful that God coordinated her school study break while we were here.  She voluntarily joined us on the arduous trek for 2 weeks away from her home.  She said she wanted to hear Jerry teach and spend time in the Word.  She had no idea what a blessing she would be to me.  Thanks Shekinah.  (by Nancy Schmoyer)  (February 3, 2018  Hyderabad, India)

Proverbs 27:17  As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another

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