What Direction is the USA Heading


Epidemics of demonizing have broken out in various times and places throughout the world.  The Renaissance period had more than its fair share of them. These outbreaks might involve only a handful of people or entire masses, spreading through towns, cities, and even regions. Some were among unbelievers, others among believers.  One example of what happened in the middle ages is found in a 1916 East African outbreak. That form of demonizing is called the “mpepo sickness” and effected only women. In the mpepo state the women were found speaking in unlearned languages, such as English or Swaheli, and in deep bass voices. They also exhibited compulsions for food and pepper, and for bright clothing. When requested, a demonizing spirit would relate its life story using “the most filthy language;” then the subject would fall into a rage, and then into convulsions. When the drums were played the possessed would dance in a “wild and terrifying manner” until exhausted. An outbreak of this type could spread throughout entire regions. Christian natives were not only immune but could cure some of the possessed by their “words,” by prayer, and by having the subjects lead a “sober” lifestyle.

We in the USA can learn a lesson from this.  Because of our ‘Christian’ heritage and culture, even to today, Satan’s work in the country is far more subtle and underground.  Few even recognize that he exists.  He works behind the scenes and in more “socially acceptable” ways.  Yet is bondage is just as great and in many ways he is more dangerous here because he does work unrecognized.  It’s harder to deal with a sneaky, sly, hypocritical child who pretends on thing but really is another way than it is with an in-your-face rebellious child; at least I certainly think so.  That’s the difference between demonizing in the USA and in third world countries.  Any disease that isn’t recognized is more dangerous than one whose symptoms are clear and obvious.

Paul says we should not be unaware of Satan’s ways and traps (2 Corinthians 2:5-11).  In this country most Christians don’t recognize Satan’s tactics and work; many don’t even believe he exists.  There is no way they are prepared to fight against him.  At least in India they know he exists and what he can do.  They may not know how to fight either, but they know they need to learn and want to learn.  In that they are ahead of many in this country.

The most sobering observation I made is that in this country Satan’s power is slowly growing as we turn further from Jesus while in India his power is slowly fading as millions are coming to salvation every year.  While demons are losing ground little by little in some third world countries that are turning to Jesus, they are gain it little by little in America.  No one can deny the direction our country is going.  “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).

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