What is Your Purpose Statement?

It is very popular among many churches today to develop a purpose statement. This is a list of things that we want our church to do. It’s good to know what your purpose as a church is. You can’t really follow God without what He wants from you. However, there are some dangers to having a purpose statement as well.

The biggest danger is when we think that we can pick or choose what we want our church to be like. Picking a purpose for your church is not like picking a new shirt at the store. We don’t choose what our church should be or do. It is Jesus’ church and He chooses. We must discover what God wants for us. We must know where He is working and how He is using us. We must look at our spiritual gifts and the spiritual gifts in the church to see where He wants us to function. You must see where God is working and join Him.

Some churches are very good at evangelism and church planting.  Others have excellent teaching ministries.  Some are strong in prayer, other in worship or helping those in need.  The church I pastored was very good at helping Christians who were struggling to be able to grow as a Christian.  A church near mine did a lot to support missions.  Another had a strong children’s program.  Not every church can do everything.  We need to seek God to find His purpose for our church and then work on being the best we can be at it. 

The danger comes when we think we can choose what we want for our church. Often that has to do with what other churches are doing and what seems successful to us. Usually we think of a large, growing church or ministry and want to be like that. But that’s not what God wants for all churches. In fact, it’s not what he wants for most churches. We don’t know the size of any church in the New Testament because that important. But we can tell which was a healthy church and which was not.  We can see which were fulfilling their God-given purposes and which were struggling. The church in Philippi did a great job supporting and encouraging Paul.  The church in Corinth was to be reaching their community but was struggling with sin and division within.  The church in Antioch was reaching its community and sending out missionaries.  Each had its own specific God-given purpose.

So spend time seeking God’s will and how He is leading you and your church. Your purpose is to fulfill the reason He has you exist, as a person and as a church. We do not tell him what we want our purpose to be and then expect Him to bring that about. We look to Him for guidance and direction.  Then we do our best to fulfill the reason He has us exist. That may change as time goes on and we grow. Always be alert to God’s purpose for you and your church. It is it is His church and He will make it grow.

Matthew 16:18  And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

What is the purpose God has your church exist?  What is its unique contribution to the Body of Christ in your area?  What are you doing to fulfill the reason your church exists?


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