More and more churches and religious organizations face a rapidly changing American Culture. That is why it’s important for people to know what a church or organization believes and more important that it is clearly stated. Below are our belief statements for the Christian Training Organization. To summarize, we believe in the authority of scripture, the triune nature of God, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in all believers, and eternal salvation by faith through God’s grace.


  • The full and complete inspiration of every word in the 66 books of the Bible in the original manuscripts, faithfully and accurately transmitted to us today.
  • The Trinity of the Godhead, composed of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as all are One God having precisely the same nature and attributes but in three separate personalities.
  • God personally created all things in six literal 24-hour days.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is the Second Person of the Trinity, eternal God, yet without ceasing to be God came to earth. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. He was sinless in all He thought and did. He was 100% God and 100% man. He will continue as God and man for all eternity.
  • That Jesus Christ is the Redeemer by His substitutionary death for the redemption of sinners, on which He provided unlimited atonement for all sins of all times, and thus sufficient for all men, but that this atonement is applied only to those who accept Jesus Christ as personal Savior.
    The Jesus Christ arose from the dead and ascended into heaven to be at the right hand of God to intercede for believers as High Priest and Advocate. As Judge, He will one day reward believers and judge unbelievers.
  • Jesus Christ shall one day appear in the sky and rapture all His children to heaven with Him. This shall happen before the Tribulation on earth. Seven years later He will bodily and visibly return to the earth to end sin and remove all evil.
  • The Holy Spirit is a divine, eternal Person and not just an influence. He is God equal in all ways to God the Father and Jesus the Son. He indwells all believers at the moment of salvation and will never leave them. He gives spiritual gifts to believers so then can better serve God and each other. The sign gifts of tongues, interpretation of tongues, miracles, and healing have ceased. God can and does heal but He does so directly as He chooses.
  • All mankind is born in sin and has a natural propensity to sin (sin nature) and are thus under the judgment of God with no hope of salvation within himself or any other except Jesus Christ.
  • Salvation is a gift of God by His grace and there is nothing man can do to merit it.
  • Salvation can never be lost or given back, and there is no condition under which God would take salvation from a believer, but that does not give anyone liberty to sin or live in sin.
  • The church is composed of all believers from all races and nations who have been born again in the Body of Christ by freely accepting God’s gift of salvation. The church began at Pentecost and will be raptured when Jesus returns before the 7 year Tribulation.
  • Each local church is the visible expression of the Body of Christ and is open to all believers so they can work together to carry out God’s program for the present age. It is essential for each believer to commit themselves to a local church to which they minister and which ministers to them.