Christian Training Organization was founded in 2013 by Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM 1975, DMin 2006) and for over 35 years pastor of Main Street Baptist Church in Doylestown, PA.  It was formed as an umbrella organization to continue several specific ministries in which Rev. Schmoyer was involved while a pastor.  Despite retiring from his church pastorate, his desire was to continue these ministries for which he has been gifted and trained.

Christian Training Online is the Internet presence used to provide online access to downloads, announcements, forms, and other resources and information.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE MINISTRIES started in 1984.  Sensing a need to be able to better counsel and help those struggling with demonic influences in their lives, Rev. Schmoyer was first mentored by Rev. Don Rogers (SW Ministries), who in 2012 passed his ministry on to Rev. Schmoyer when health issues forced his retirement from active ministry.  Throughout the years Rev. Schmoyer has read and studied extensively in the field of spiritual warfare.  He has had many years of experience counseling and training hundreds of people personally, by phone or by email.  He has written two books which are freely distributed to any who desire a copy: “Spiritual Warfare Handbook” (© 1995, 2007, 2010), and “Spiritual Warfare and the Bible” (© 2012).  He does training courses and seminars, on line or in person, and mentors others who are also involved in spiritual warfare ministry.

INDIA MINISTRIES began in 2006 when, as a pastor, Rev. Schmoyer was invited to join a group going to India to hold pastors’ conferences.  God places a strong desire in his heart to help train village pastors who have no other way of getting ministry training.  He travels to India each year for four to five weeks of free conferences for pastors and their wives as well as other forms of ministry and general speaking engagements.  During the rest of the year he does mentoring and follow up training using email and Skype.  He has written five books for the pastors in India and they have been translated into their native language.  So far 30,000 copies have been printed.  The ministry has grown to include monthly support for pastors and orphans.  Follow-up conferences are held throughout the year.  CTO partners with New Hope Fellowship, an organization recognized by the Indian government, in India.

WORLD VIEW + began in 2003 as a week-long Bible conference for teens and college students interested in learning to better understand, defend and share their faith.  Using church property and volunteer help, costs were kept to a bare minimum to make this experience affordable to any who want to come.  The camp has averaged about 55 teens each year.  Soon after its inception a fall weekend Reunion became a yearly feature. More recently a spring weekend to train teens as junior leaders and discussion group coordinators has been taking place.  A day-long conference to help the parents of these teens better understand them and help them grow and mature has also been added.

FAMILY MINISTRY was always a part of Rev. Schmoyer’s focus as a pastor.  Through teaching, counseling and leading many marriage retreats he has become experienced in helping in these areas.  He has also led his own marriage retreat yearly since 2000.  This consists of a weekend retreat in the Lancaster, PA, area.  He has written many articles about marriage and the family and taught extensively on it through the years.  He and his wife spent 27 years home schooling their six children and a large part of his ministry to the home school community was helping strengthen marriages and families.  He continues to do personal and online counseling and teaching in these areas.