Our Purpose

Christian Training Organization, by its charter, undertakes such acts as it deems necessary to train people in key aspects of the Christian Faith, helping believers learn more about God, Jesus, and the Bible and growing the people in the full application of that knowledge. This may be done in any part of the world where there is the opportunity through appropriate and relative means, such as literature, the Internet or ministering in person.

Why We Exist

Our Goal is to glorify God by fully experiencing the Lord Jesus Christ and His power in every area of life. (Philippians 3:10)

This means we believe God has us here as a church to:

  • help people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
  • then help them grow spiritually to become committed disciples

We feel He wants us to do this by gathering as a body to:

  • worship Him from our hearts with our mind, soul, and spirit
  • learn His Word so we can have the Mind of Christ
  • encourage and support each other in love and fellowship

We know God wants us to individually to live pure lives of service for Him, putting Him and His will first in everything we think, do and say. This means serving others, especially those who are fellow believers, in any way we can. It also means the Good News of salvation with those we come in contact with who have a personal relationship with Jesus as Savior or Lord.

Our unique contribution to the Body of Christ in this area is to provide a safe, loving family-type environment where healing can begin and spiritual as well as emotional growth can take place.

We want to be able to stand before Him as faithful stewards of all He has entrusted to us.

These are the current active ministries of the Christian Training Organization that have online resources and information (through Christian Training Online).

Other ministries without online resources include counseling and an active preaching schedule.

Training Up India

Marriage & Family

Spiritual Warfare

World View