The India Ministry conducted by CTO is a year-round effort to better equip and encourage pastors in India who have minimal opportunities to receive those things on their own.  It centers around a 4-week schedule of conferences and training programs each January-February, led by Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer from CTO and Pastor Moses of India.  These free conferences can be one, two or three days long depending on the need.  Some focus on in-depth training for pastors who lead a group of churches with pastors serving under them, others are for pastors who have had no training whatsoever in ministry.

Conferences consist of four teaching sessions, free meals, and snacks as well a housing for two or three-day conferences, a stipend to cover transportation costs and free books which we have written and translated into their native language, Telegu.  These are “What God Expects of Pastors,” “Spiritual Warfare,” “Marriage and Ministry,”  “Prophecy” and “Bible Overview.”  Other books will be coming in future years.

In addition, we provide financial support to assist pastors in need. We also help with health and building needs as possible. Throughout the year follow-up conference is in India as well. This is a year-round ministry that helps many pastors who would have no other help in their ministry.

We also maintain a website with many, many valuable training materials for pastors in India as well as information for others who want to learn more about this ministry.

India and the Spiritual Climate

In May, 2021, I spoke at a missions conference in the church I attend, Crossing Community Church in Newtown, PA.  If you want to better understand India and the spiritual climate there, these videos would be very helpful.

Session 1: An overview of India and life there today
Session 2: Understanding the religious groups in India and the state of Christianity today

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Our mission is to prepare Christian leaders to lead a transformation of the world into God’s Kingdom by providing biblical education, for the world, for free.

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 “Go and make disciples of all nations…”  Jesus
(Matthew 28:19)

Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer



13 trips to India since 2006

Total time in India = 11+ months

194 Pastor’s Conferences for 11,500 pastors wives



We support 25 pastors by sending them $25 a month support.  This makes a great difference for most exist on just $50 a month without it.



The pastors we train come from the following denominations: Baptist, Pentecostal, Independent, Methodist, Lutheran, Salvation Army, Mennonite, and others.


Session topics include: What God Expects of Pastors, Leadership Lessons (from Jesus, Nehemiah, Paul, Joshua, Moses, Joseph, etc.), Godly Marriage & Family Life, Spiritual Warfare, Listening to God, Measuring Spiritual Growth, Prophecy, Bible Overview, Shepherding God’s Church, 1 & 2 Timothy, Ephesians, How to Study the Bible, Preparing Sermons, Armor of God, and many more



Written by Jerry Schmoyer. 29,000 copies have been printed.
For a free e-copy of any of these books click below.

Books For Download 


“What God Expects of Pastors

English, Telugu & Spanish


“Marriage & Ministry”

English & Telugu


“Lessons Learned in India”

Daily devotions ebook in English


“Biblical Prophecy”

English & Telugu


“Spiritual Warfare Handbook”

English, Telugu & Spanish


“Bible Overview”

English & Telugu


“Studying the Bible”

English & Telugu

“Preaching & Teaching the Bible”

English & Telugu


“Leadership Lessons from the Bible”

English & Telugu

“Spiritual Growth & Discipleship” 

English & Telugu

“Why We Believe: Apologetics”

English & Telugu

“What God Expects of Churches” 

English & Telugu

“Duties of Pastors”


Coming soon:

“Topical Index of Bible Subjects”

“Duties of a Pastor”

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