These pages are for pastors, church leaders, or any Christians that want to study the Bible and church leadership.  Pick a subject of interest, start reading, and when you come to some questions send me an email to with your answers and I can make suggestions to help you.  If you prefer not to email or just want to keep reading feel free to do so.  You can answer the questions for your own reference.  If you decide to email for suggestions, start on the next section right away.  Don’t wait for a reply, keep studying.  Many more subjects will be added soon.

If you want to download any of these to your computer go to “Training Downloads” at the bottom of the list.  When the file opens click on ‘File’ then ‘Save As’ and save it on your computer. Or you can make a request via email and a PDF will be sent to you.

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May God bless you in your study of His Word.

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