Pastor Scott Bitcon, Scott Bitcon Deliverance Ministry, Independent Non-Denominational Christian,  P.O. Box 7504, Chandler, Arizona 85246. 480-570-7268,,   Gentle, Confidential, Inner-healing and Deliverance Ministries. Extensive experience with every type of trauma, abuse, depression, and demonic oppression. I can do deliverance ministry, in-person, by telephone, or by Skype. I do deliverance training for individuals, churches, and small groups.  I will travel for in-person deliverances and training.



Pastor Brent Williams,  Christians combating corruption ministries  729 lime st. suite 9, Long Beach CA 90813,,, non-denominational [one head one body no exceptions, 747-222-6718  – all or nothing from the King James Bible, if you need help and you humble yourself then to the glory of the lord we can help by the grace of Jesus out of love.

Rev. Jess La Vey, Sword of The Spirit Ministries, 13645 5th st.  sp10, Yucaipa, ca. non-denominational, (909) 446-8737  Our ministries deals with deliverance and counseling. we believe that a person  has to give his whole self to Jesus Christ and grow in God’s Word as their guide so they learn Jesus gives them the power to rebuke demons in Jesus’ name

Sandra Murg, Moriah Freedom Ministry, 9281 Tritt Circle_Villa Park CA, 92861,,, Calvary Chapel East Anaheim, Specialize in SRA , also alter personality disorder.


Jerry Hennig, Ministry name is: DASYD Ministry, Mailing address: Box 5, Site 9, RR 2, Duffield, Alberta, Canada, TOE-ONO,, (780) 892-0184
Ministering deliverance, especially in MPD/DID (multiple personality disorder/dissociative identity disorder).  After 17 years I can honestly say that I have seen just about any and everything out there in regards to witchcraft and all its many tentacles.

Rev. Joseph A Dodjro,., Balm of Gilead Evangelistic Ministries Calgary, Non-Denominational, Meeting Location: Days Inn Calgary-South 3828 MacLeod Trail S.E. Calgary, AB, Canada, 403-695-6774,,, We conduct regular deliverance workshops, monthly prayer summits (from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), prophetic intercessions, deliverance counselings, total restoration workshops, spiritual warfare prayers sessions, leadership seminars, special ministry for women in ministry.

Bishop Plato Angelakis  510 Concession street  #80026  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  L9A 1C4




Shirley Brounley,   Haven of Hope Ministries, P. O. Box 3164, Seminole, FL 33775,,,  independent Baptist,  Leading people to the spiritual freedom and emotional healing of the Lord Jesus Christ. Working with people who have demons and/or multiple personalities and SRA/DID.

Dr. Steven Lambert, DeliveranceNow.Com, Ephesians Four Network of Deliverance Counselors ( / Ephesians Four Network (, PO Box 911 | Jupiter, FL 33468 (mailing address only for privacy reasons),, DeliveranceNow.Com / If you suspect you need deliverance, visit the website for a detailed explanation of how our deliverance counseling process works as well as to read the articles on the topic we’ve posted. Jesus is the Deliverer!


Prophetess Mary J. Ogenaarekhua, Mary J. Ministries, 463 Dogwood Drive, NW, Lilburn, GA 30047,,, Spirit-filled– Non-denominational, _770 458-7947,  Mary J. Ministries is a prophetic, healing and deliverance ministry. We believe in the healing power of the Lord Jesus and we believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit, there is nothing impossible when we call on the name of the Lord Jesus. His name sets the captives free.


Debra Gamache, Ministry of Reconciling Peace, 1734 Brentwood Drive; Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402,,, Non-Denominational, 208-523-4255  Ministry of Reconciling Peace is to be a Christian Ministry of prayer, reconciliation, teaching, training, healing (spiritually), Spiritual Ministry (not mental health) and outreach to others.  We minister to people in many areas besides deliverance. We educate, train, instruct; perform music, dance, praise, or worship, consult, and speak to persons by using a Christian focus. We train to be able to use prayer, gifts, witnessing, instruction, outreach, linguistics and any form of Christian Ministry.



Vernon Moore, Passover Deliverance Ministries, Pentecostal, 1521 e. Raymond ct apt 3, Marion, IN 46952, (765)573-5142 home (937)718-4891 cell  I will go to a person’s home or even cast demons out over the phone or skype.






Pastor Emmanuel ‘Kayode AKINTADE,  Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM). 1835 University Blvd Hyattsville MD 20783 Suite 314, Worship location 3601 Powder mill Road Beltsville MD 20705, Counseling office: 1835 university Blvd Hyattsville MD 20783, Postal Address: P.O. Box 13048, Silver Spring, MD 20911,  Phones: 240-581-0961, 301-434-5673 , Fax: 301-434-5673,  Ministry description: MFM SILVER SPRING is an active deliverance ministry, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the boldness of the Holy Spirit fireworks and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God to save, heal and deliver to the uttermost In which Pastor ‘ Kayode Akintade is the deliverance Minister)



Perkins, Rev. Charles M., Changing Lives Ministries, Inc. DBA:Demon Chasers, affiliated with God’s House Full Gospel Church; Changing Lives Ministries, Inc. , 420 W. Van Buren Street, Battle Creek MI 49037, Phone: 269-589-2471 or 269-589-2475, Email:, Website:,, We teach believers how to  do the work of casting our demons according to the Word of God If you need help or if you think something is going on, contact us and let us pray with you. We will be glad to help and we will rejoice when the Lord takes care of it.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!! WE WILL BELIEVE YOU!!!)




Linda Kelly-Nothnagle, Stronghold InnerHealing Center, 4510 Francis Lane, Seneca Mo 64865,,, interdenominational, 417-850-8989. This ministry specializes in attending to the inner healing of extreme abuse survivors including SRA, and human trafficking.





Kathy and Irvin Ball, First Fruits Ministry, 99 Washington St. Phillipsburg, New Jersey 08865, Firstfruitsministry@ptd.net, People email us or call us for help. They come to us or we go to them and minister to, the, according to Gods word. through the authority given to us by the Lord we pray healing for, the sick , cast out demons and anything else as the Lord leads us.

Costello, Rev. Charles J., Ministry of Salvation, Independent Ministry, PO Box 0015, NJ 08886-0015, 908-454-8100, Cell: 201-803-3083,, (Has been involved for 22 years in deliverance. Affiliated with Full Salvation Fellowship in Australia. Is a nonresident member of Hegewisch Baptist Church & Agape Fellowship; both are active deliverance ministries.


Darrel Mason, Fury of Faith Ministries,  9512 Woodland Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112,,  non-denominational, 505-256-2562, (Preaching the Word of God in power. We minister deliverance, evangelism, healing, teaching, spiritual warfare based upon Biblical principles. Using the Word of God, the blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus we affect a change upon individuals to come into the fullness of purpose God intended for them as His children. Our motto, our mission, and our calling is “Reaching the Lost, Equipping the Saints, and Setting the Captives Free.”)


Ivan Rodriguez, Dominion Glory, Independent, 216 New Jersey Ave, Brooklyn NY 11207,  Deliverance Ministry/ Inner Healing/ Spiritual Warfare Mapping.

Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin (Messianic Spirit filled Rabbi) New York, Messianic Temple Beth El, PO Box 140328 Brooklyn, NY 11214,,, Alliance of Redeemed Israel/Messianic,  718-621-7399  Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin is a Spirit filled deliverance Rabbi ministering deliverance to the disciples of Yeshua HaMashiach in all areas of life: spiritual, emotional, physical and financial. ministers to people addicted to: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, sex, gambling, stealing, sex. food. victims of: domestic violence, abuse, SAR, abuse by clergy. phobias, stress, anxiety, clinical depression, rejection, suicide, PTSD, Bi-polar as well as those who were involved in: New Age, witchcraft, demonic readings, Kabbala, Santeria, Haitian and African voodoo, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam.


Dwight Jester, Deliverance Minister,  P.O. Box 249, Lewisville, NC 27023  ,,  non-denominational,  (336) 766-7236,  Been ministering deliverance one on one, in groups, and over the phone since 1971. I am 80 years old and I usually minister to people two or three times per day by phone or in person if they come to me.  I also pastor a small storefront church in downtown Winston-Salem, NC.

Pastor Wayne E. Johnson & Evangelist Kimberly M. Johnson, Strait Gate Tabernacle of Faith, 6494 McDougald Rd, Lillington, NC 27546, (919-721-1400),


Dr. J. Robinson, DrPH, PhD, MPH, Pastor, Abundant Season Anointed Ministries International, PO Box 60225, Dayton, OH 45406,  Nondenominational  We are a healing and deliverance ministry and we are ready to pray for you. We have a 24-hour call line (937) 275-3770 and we answer every call!  You are important to us. We have a weekly teleconference on Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m. EST. Call in number (712) 432-0800.  Access Code: 824824#


Everett Cox, Sr. Minister and Founder, Richard Peterson, Executive Minister, Deliverance Ministries, Inc.- Since 1984, 2828 NW 57th St., Suite 305 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 405-842-5509,  Besides doing some ministry at our office, We rent a local church on Monday evenings starting at 5:30 and finish with most cases with the teams around 10 or 11:00.



Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer, former pastor of Main street Baptist Church and chairman of  Spiritual Warfare Ministries and Christian Training Organization, 57 S. Main St, Doylestown, AP 18901,,, This is a teaching, counseling and deliverance ministry online or in person.  Our goal is to disciples believers to grow to become more like Jesus in all areas of life.

Donald Kauffman, Angels of the Streets Ministries, 1641 Pebble Brook Lane, Harrisburg PA 17110, 717-497-4773,,, Actively dealing with demonic activity: cleansing houses, one-on-one deliverance, speaking, evangelism, healing and setting people free from oppression.


Natalie Davis  Kingdom Deliverance Ministries,  213 East South 2nd Street Seneca, SC 29678,, non-denominational,  864-381-8114 Phone,  Kingdom Deliverance Ministries is an outreach ministry bringing inner healing and deliverance to those in need. KDM also provides deliverance training and mass deliverance services.



Minister Michael Mark,   Armour of God Ministry,  2313 Lockhill Selma # 163, San Antonio, TX 78230,,  non-denominational Bible believing.
I created this ministry to offer deliverance from demonic influences, spiritual attachments, and demonic possessions. This is done solely through Spiritual Warfare in the power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who is my strength and my Covering.

Michael Becerra  Armour of God Ministry, San Antonio, TX

Judy H Farris-Smith, Little Sparrow Ministries, PO Box 307, Lindale, Texas 75771,,, 903 882-6725, Member of International Society of Deliverance Ministries, ordained minister  We use a biblical approach to deliverance. According to the Word, the anointing of God breaks the yokes or bondages that Satan has placed in your life.  e provide an avenue for Truth to come forth in joint agreement with you to find God’s plans for your life and for the restoration of your body, soul and spirit.)

Geri McGhee, Abiding Life Ministries, P. O. Box 1141, ,Lindale, TX 75771,,, 903-882-1965 I have been in the deliverance ministry since 1982.

Pastor Shane Brown, The Prayer of Faith Ministry, P.O. Box 536, New Caney, Texas 77357, e-mail: Website:, Charismatic/ Full-Gospel, Phone: 281-844-5216,  This ministry is dedicated to helping people get free, and stay free through the power and knowledge of the Word of God. Through one on one counseling and deliverance either by phone or in person, this ministry helps to position the believer to be more than a conqueror. This ministry includes the casting out of demons, healing the sick, and the teaching of the Word.

Rev. Ronald E. Stambaugh, PO Box  1881, Port Isabel, TX. 78578, 40120 Shaffer Rd., Bayview, TX.  78578, 956-517-4164, We are an emergency response ministry.  From Exorcism to demonic haunting.  Paranormal activity, poltergeist, apparitions, disembodied voices.  You need not be afraid, we will believe you.  We strive to be dutiful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Pastor Greg Kelley,  The healing Prayer Garden, 4228 Pine lane Alexandria VA 22312,  Nondenominational  703 941 0052    started 2004 working  with folks –  I still have a love and passion for setting folks free



Pastor, Dr. Virgil Roberts, Wordscape Ministries, Faith Deliverance Breakthrough Ministries Worldwide, 4639 East Capitol Street, SE, Washington, DC 20019, 202-247-5886,,, Wordscape Ministries is a pastoral, teaching, and training ministry with emphasis on deliverance, prophetic ministry, and evangelism, and true worship of God in song and music.


Joe and Kelley Cannon, Love in Action Deliverance Ministry, Mill Creek, West Virginia, 304-621-1488., the Web site is   Our desire and hope are to set people free from tormenting demons, to break ungodly soul ties, to bring inner healing to those with deep hurts, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To teach spiritual warfare, and to stay free of demonic activity. We are a freewill offering ministry, no charge for service, we are also a non-profit 501c-3 ministry.



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