by Don Rogers
It would be nice if we could minister to the oppressed without any resistance or setbacks. Anyone with experience in this type of ministry is aware of the obstacles that can be encountered in these situations. I would like to examine some of the most common reasons for resistance.

  1. The Lack of Repentance in a Particular Area
    • Self-justification of a particular sin – We live in an age when people do not want to take responsibility for their actions or they trivialize their actions because others practice them. Even Christians have not pursued the sanctified life in order to “be holy as He is holy.”
  2. Hidden Sins That Have Not Been Addressed
    Some have not been recognized and some are hidden because the person is in denial.

    • Believing the lies of the enemy – Fear, self-hatred, unworthiness and a host of other problems are the result of an individual listening to the enemy through their thoughts and feelings. This is the reason that we are told in scripture, (2 Cor. 10:5), “to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.” If the truth sets us free, (John 8:32), then believing the lies of the enemy will keep us in bondage.
    • Anger and unforgiveness – So many people are practicing anger and unforgiveness in their lives. Much of these issues are out of an unhappy or even abusive childhood. Others are just plain spoiled and they get upset easily when their personal expectations are not met. Ephesians 4:26-31 shows us that the sins that issue out of anger can both “give the devil a foothold” and “grieve the Holy Spirit of God.”
    • Self-centeredness – It is the nature of mankind to be self-centered, but there are some that maintain a self-centered focus constantly. Most of this issues out of either insecurity or pride. It is an open invitation for the enemy to exploit.
    • Self-indulgence – There are many types of lust that entice people to give ground to the enemy. Overeating, pornography, sexual perversions, drugs and alcohol abuse are some of the most common indulgences that hook people. Each have a sensual appeal that brings a satisfaction and exhilaration that lasts for only a brief time before it lures a person back into greater depths of degradation.
  3. Influences Beyond The Person With Whom You Are Working
    • Generational influences – Exodus 34:6-7 tells us about the temporal punishment that can be passed down generations in a family because of sin. There are many other verses in scripture that say the same thing. When dealing with an oppressed person, generational sins should be addressed along with the personal sin.
    • An individual or group which the person shared sin with in the past – Where there has been shared sin, (fornication, adultery, satanism, witchraft, etc.), spirits will claim the parties involved and move back and forth between them. Even in cases of victimization, such as different forms of abuse or rape, the spirits will make their claims on all involved. When confession of sin on behalf of the other parties, cords of sin can be broken through the exercise of authority in the name of Jesus Christ.
  4. Inexperience and/or Lack of Faith On The Part of the Minister
    • Inexperience – The inexperienced person has not encountered the tactics and tricks of the enemy. Often there is a lack of discernment or the faith to rely upon what is discerned. We do not believe in interrogating demons, so the issue of discernment is very important. Interrogating demons only gives the demons more power over the person’s mind in order to comply with your command to them to answer your questions. Even when they are commanded to speak the truth, they speak in half-truths that are often more deceptive than lies.
    • Lack of faith– No one starts a ministry of deliverance or healing with all the faith they need. Faith grows as we are obedient to the Lord. Even the disciples of Christ struggled in the beginning. As we face obstacle after obstacle and gradually begin to overcome them by the grace of God, our faith is refined (1 Pet 1:7). We will discover the truth in what the Lord said to his disciples, “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” (KJV). – Matthew 17:21
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