Preparation To Be A Channel for God’s Grace
by Don Rogers

There are two foundational pillars that should be in every Christian life in order to live
victoriously. These two pillars are essential when we are called to administer God’s grace through
deliverance and healing.

1st Pillar – Knowing God’s Character
It may surprise you to know that many Christians have a flawed image of God’s character,
because they have projected on God the human shortcomingsof their parents, especially the
fathers. If there was not much love demonstrated, not much communication, and there was a
critical atmosphere, God will be viewed as One who is far off, very stern and ready to bring
judgment if we do not please Him.

So if we are to minister in faith to others, it is extremely important that we have resolved the
above issues and we have no doubts concerning (1) God’s love toward everyone, (2) His grace that is
extended to us in spite of our failures, (3) His mercy thatHe will show us when we are in trouble, (4)
His forgiveness whenever we fall, (5) His faithfulnessto always be there for us even though we may
not always be aware of His presence, (6) His provision for our personal needs, and (7) His equipping
so that we may serve Him effectively.

2nd Pillar – Knowing Who We Are In Christ
Knowing how God sees us will give us great freedom to approach Him and make requests. It also
gives us tremendous confidence to represent Him and minister to others.

These two pillars are firmly built on the foundation of constant study of God’s word and praying
without ceasing. The scriptures are God’s self-revelation of truth concerning Himself and His great
plan for mankind. Their author is the Holy Spirit who inspired certain men to put in writing these
precious truths. This marvelous revelation of God enablesus to know and understand our God and
also discover our relationship to Him through Jesus Christ.

A relationship has to be nurtured. The more we learn about someone, the more comfortable and
confident we become around them. With a good friend, we want to be around them as much as
possible. This is where prayer comes in. Through prayer weare able to come into God’s presence
constantly and develop an intimacy with Him.

I have found that the greatest battles I have is to find the time to study the Word and to pray. The
enemy will try to distract, keep us busy by reminding us of all the things that have to be done.
There will be times we will feel too tired either physically or emotionally. Circumstances constantly
arise to command our attention. We have to make up our minds that we cannot afford to allow
these two essentials to cease to be top priorities in  our everyday lives.

With the two pillars firmly in place, we will discover the freedom we have to be effective for our God each day.

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