A Good Reputation – 1 Timothy 3

WHAT IS YOUR REPUTATION?  (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9) – 3

READ 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9

In the last two blog we looked at what God looks for in a leader.  First, a godly leader must want to be a godly leader.  Second, a godly leader must have godly inner qualities.  Third, a godly leader has godly interpersonal relationships.  In this blog we will look at another character trait.


These quality traits deal with how others feel about a leader and what they say behind their back. It has to do with how they describe you to others.  It is very important for every Christian to have a good reputation, for we represent Jesus. This is especially important for leaders. Here is what God says our reputations should be like.

            He describes the reputation of a godly leader as being above reproach (1 Timothy 3:2) and blameless (Titus 1:6-7).  “Above reproach” means literally “without wrinkles” and speaks of a garment that is smooth and free from folds.  Leaders are to have no questionable conduct, no secret sins and no unresolved conflicts with others. We can’t have others saying we cheated them or thinking that we have greed or pride.  “Blameless” is similar. It is a legal term and refers to someone who is not accused of any wrong doing of any kind. We don’t have to be perfect as leaders, but when we offend someone or do something wrong, we must immediately humble ourselves, apologize and make it right.

In addition, Paul says we are to be respectable (1 Timothy 3:2). This refers to a person who is worthy of respect and honor, a Christian gentleman.

One way this happens is by being upright (Titus 1:8) in all our dealings with others. That means we are to be fair and honest, keep our promises, pay our bills on time, keep our word and always speak kindly of others.

Furthermore, we are to be hospitable (Titus 1:8) to those in need. In Paul’s day there were no hotels, so people traveling had to depend on others for housing.  A godly leader has to have an attitude of sacrifice and caring, being willing to share what they have with others.

The result of all these is that we will have a good reputation with outsiders (1 Timothy 3:7). Others in the community think of us with respect and honor. Even if they don’t agree with what we believe about Jesus, they know we are good, honest and trustworthy people. (August 1, 2022  Doylestown, PA)

What kind of a reputation do you have in your community? What do those who aren’t Christians think of you? What about Christians that don’t attend your church, how do they speak of you? Do people know your word is good and trust what you say? Do people think better of Jesus because they know you represent Him?

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