Being a Pastor is Hard

Is being a pastor hard? Sometimes pastors or church leaders think that if they are following God and doing His will, serving Him should be easy.  But it isn’t, not if you want to do a good job.  Is being a pastor hard?  Only if you want to be a good pastor. If you are lazy, prideful, self-centered, or allowing sin in your life, then it can be easy to be a pastor.  If you just do what you want and avoid the difficult parts, being a pastor is easy.  But if you want to follow God and do what He expects it is not easy at all.  Like being a husband or a father. It’s not hard unless you want to do a good job. Then it becomes very difficult, even humanly impossible.  It can only be done with God’s help. 

It is difficult to faithfully serve God and not others and to seek to be like Jesus in all you think and do. Being a good pastor, husband or father takes much sacrifice, much humility and much service. We are often misunderstood, rejected, criticized or hurt by others. We are stretched beyond our human capacity. 

Being a godly pastor is difficult because our sin nature rebels against holiness, sacrifice and service.  It is hard because Satan opposes us and all we do.  He tries to discourage and defeat us.  It is hard but God uses it to keep our eyes focused on Him and to follow Him.  If it wasn’t hard, we’d do it in our own strength.  This way we need Him to have victory over sin in our own lives and help others to have victory in their lives. 

Do you find being a pastor, or husband or father, very hard? It’s good if you do. It shows you’re trying to do it the way God wants you to.  Don’t expect it to be easy – it’s the most important job on earth.  Don’t be discouraged if you find it difficult.  Is it easy to be a good pastor or church leader? Not if you do it right.

1 Timothy 3:1  Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task.

Do you find being a godly leader, husband or father difficult?  Does that make you want to quit, or do you try harder to depend on Jesus?  Take your struggles to Him – He knows all about them. 


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