Breeastplate of Righteousness (Armor of God 4)

BREASTPLATE of RIGHTEOUSNESS (Ephesians 6:14) (Armor of God 4)

The breastplate was made of small pieces of metal or leather fastened together so they would move and bend but so no arrow, spear or sword could go through them.  It was important for it covered the heart and other vital organs.  If an enemy soldier could inflict a serious wound to the upper body he would be victorious. In hand to hand combat the enemy would grab the Roman soldier’s arm to pull him close and with his sword in try to stab him in the chest or stomach.

LESSON FOR TODAY: Suppose a soldier didn’t bother putting on his breastplate some morning?  Maybe it was too hot or too heavy, or maybe he was in a hurry or just lazy.  What would happen?  That’s what happens to us when we don’t put on our breastplate.  Paul calls it the “breastplate of righteousness” because it refers to our holiness.  We are holy because Jesus paid for our sins on the cross, but then we must strive to live a life free from personal sin as well.  If we allow sin in our life our breastplate will have openings through which our enemy can attack and destroy us. 

Demonizing happens because there is a sin that opens the door for demons to enter.  The most common avenue to demonic entrance is through a family line.  One person opens themselves to demonic influence and the demons claim them and all they have, including children.  Then the same traits and influences pass on to the children and their children (for more information see Old Testament, 3. Moses (Exodus – Deuteronomy).  Occult and Satanic involvement in demonic activities, drugs, acid rock music, Ouija boards, etc. is another opening.  Cult involvement will also open the door for them.  Involvement of a family member in a ‘secret society’ such as the Masons is an open invitation to demonizing.  The Bible says that when two people have sex the two become one flesh and that allows demons to claim the other person.  Abuse of any kind or any form of trauma, especially when young, open one to the demonic.  Strong soul ties with someone who is demonized can cause an opening.  Being unwanted when in the womb or young is a definite opening.  These are some of the main avenues demons use to gain entrance and attack people.

LESSON FOR TODAY:  If you have any of these openings in your life pray to have them removed.  It’s like opening a door and allowing someone to enter a room, then realize you shouldn’t have done that.  You need to close the door so no one else enters, but you also need to command those who already have entered to leave.  Confessing the sin and taking back the access closes the door.  Rebuking and commanding them to be gone cleans the room.  The solution for sin openings is to 1) ask God to show you any sin in your life (Psalm 139:23-24), then 2) confess the sin and close the door that let the demon(s) in (1 John 1:9).  You must also 3) command any demons working against you or your family to be gone, using the authority we have in Jesus’ name and power ((John 14:12; Matthew 28:18-20; Luke 9:1; 10:1, 17-19; Acts 1:8). 

Then when you notice any kind of spiritual attack you defeat it by quoting scripture.  When Jesus was tempted He quoted Scripture to have victory over Satan’s temptations.  Paul says our only offensive weapon is the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.  Psalm 119:9,11 tell us that it’s through God’s Word that we have victory.  When you have these thoughts and attacks, use Scripture to have victory.  Ask God to give you some verses that will help against these thing. Write them down and memorize them.  Say them over and over when these thoughts attack you.  That is the only way to victory, and God guarantees it will work!


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