Causes of Demonizing

            Having looked at what demonizing is and some characteristics of it, the next step is to find out what allows demons to do this work in/against us.  These openings are like cracks in a wall which allow the enemy to slip in.  When you have these openings, it could be that demons are using this to demonize you.  Demons are like rats that feed on garbage.  To get rid of the rats one must get rid of the garbage, then the rats will be gone.

The most common avenue to demonic entrance is through a family line.  One person opens themselves to demonic influence and the demons claim them and all they have, including children.  Then the same traits and influences pass on to the children and their children.  Occult and Satanic involvement by activities, drugs, acid rock music, Ouija boards, etc. is another opening.  Cult involvement in the family, especially Masons, opens one.  The Bible says that when 2 people have sex the two become one flesh and that allows demons to claim the other person.  Abuse of any kind or any form of trauma, especially when young, open one to the demonic.  Strong soul ties with someone involved can cause an opening.  Being unwanted when in the womb or young is a definite opening.  These are some of the main avenues demons use to gain entrance and attack people.

In order to have victory over the attacks of the enemy it is important to understand where those attacks come from – what is the cause of them.  This is very important in being able to defend against them.  If we know the direction from which our enemy will attack we can better defend ourselves and defeat those attacks.  If you think of your life as a fort you can better understand what is happening.  Think of a frontier fort such as were built for protection in the early days of the USA.  An enemy can 1) claim access through an open door, 2) enter through a weak spot in the wall, 3) claim the land on which the fort is built, or 4) attack us because of our commitment to Jesus.  Let’s look at these four avenues of attack.

Study the diagram of the fort above.  It is important to understand.  Pray for wisdom as future blogs will explain each way Satan can gain access to us.  Spend some time in praise and worship, recognizing God’s great sovereign protection over us.

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