Demonic Access to Children


(7 of 15 blogs about spiritual warfare and marriage/family, taken from  material I presented at a marriage retreat, Winning the Battle For Your Family, in 2019)

            While children are considered innocent by God until they are old enough to be accountable for their sin, Satan offers no period of grace.  He attacks as soon as possible, even while still in the womb.  Here are some of the reasons children are open to demonizing.

1. ANCESTRAL SIN OPENINGS, especially if the child is a male, firstborn, or named after someone who is demonized. 

2. ILLEGITIMACY means a child is not conceived or born under a marriage covenant between a committed, loving man and woman.  The parents are out of God’s will because of sex outside marriage.  Any negative thoughts or feelings they have about the unwanted pregnancy become a curse against the baby.   Any kind of rejection of the baby opens the baby up to demons stepping in to fill that void in its life. 

3. REJECTION in any form of a baby or child will also open them to demons filling that void.  An unwanted baby coming to a married couple can have the same result.  A difficult labor, painful delivery, physical or mental defects or the baby being the ‘wrong’ sex all can bring feelings of rejection.  Problems raising the child or problems from health issues with the child, health or work load of the parents or marriage problems can cause feelings of rejection toward the growing child.

            Adopted babies can be very susceptible to this.  Ancestral sins from birth parents’ families pass on to them.  Often these children come from unbelieving parents and/or countries where demonizing is rampant.  The baby can be claimed by demons in the family line as well as demons from the country of origin.  In addition, there is rejection by one or both parents when the baby is put up for adoption.  Even if it is done for a good reason, the baby has no covering or protection from the birth parents and is open to demonizing.

            If this is true of you, first forgive the person who rejected you.  In Jesus name break any curses they made against you, even if they weren’t aware they were doing it.  Command any demons that have come in through rejection or ancestral openings to be gone in Jesus’ name.  Ask God to fill you with His Spirit and presence. 

4. ABUSE opens the door to demonizing as well.  Incest or physical or emotional abuse cause trauma which breaks down the person’s natural defense mechanisms and leaves them open and vulnerable.  Abuse also overlaps with rejection as well.

5. OTHER TRAUMA can also break down normal reasoning and open the child to demonizing. Extremely fearful situations, being lost, car or other of accidents, scary TV show/movie or viewing physical abuse or violence can all cause this.

6. WORLDLY INFLUENCES GROWING UP such as games, toys, cartoons, TV programs, movies or comics that have occult or demonic activity can be an open door.  Such things as Harry Potter open the door to an acceptance of anti-god supernaturalism.  School activities, meditation, Ouija Boards, even yoga may open a door in a child’s life.  Such things as occult or cult interest, alcohol, drugs, pornography and sexual experimentation also invite demonic influence. 

7. REBELLION against authority, parents or school, is a sign of bitterness and unforgiveness.  God says rebellion is similar to occult involvement (1 Samuel 15:23). 

            God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life, but Satan hates you and has a terrible plan for your life – and it starts even before birth.  David sinned with Bathsheba and greatly affected himself, his family and the whole Jewish nation.  Satan had started sowing the seeds for that sin in David’s life when he was very young.  He learned to lie and deceive to cover up sin.  He then developed a desire for multiple women.   Satan tries to get a foothold in our lives as soon as he cn today as well.  Don’t let him!

Psalm 127:3-5 Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.  Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.

If any of these are true of your past stop now and pray about it as I described above.  If this is true of others you know who are still children, or are now adults, intercede for them in the same way.

Jerry Schmoyer

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