Demonic Work in the Church


We in the west are naïve and ignorant of Satan’s work.  This provides a perfect cover for them.  They minister their evil virtually undetected.  No wonder so many Christians and churches are struggling today!

They are behind the false doctrines that split churches and mislead Christians (1 Timothy 6:3-5).  We have lies that deny God’s Word such as humanism, new age, evolution, political correctness, LGBTQ+ teachings and many others.  Then there are things that twist God’s Word like the prosperity gospel, name it and claim it teachings, those claiming all should be healed and others saying all must speak in tongues.  Some endorse legalism, denying grace and promoting works.  Others go to the other extreme and push liberalism, making everything grace with no absolutes from God’s Word.

A second work of the enemy in the church today is hypocrisy.  Many claim to be believers but they continue to live in sin and self-righteousness.  Ananias and Saphira are examples (Acts 5).  So is Achan (Joshua 7).  Satan only needs one person or couple to give him an opening to wreak havoc on the ministry of that fellowship.  I’ve seen him try it in the church I pastored, more than one time.  Satan plants a counterfeit Christian in the body who is friendly and sincere. And there is almost no limit to the damage they can do if the rest of the Body is not following closely to the Lord.

Another problem in the church which demons feed is that of judging and looking down on those who are different or who have had sin in their past.  We label those who have had problems with addictions, sex, unemployment, etc.  We are fully aware of the divorced, prodigals who have returned and those from different racial or cultural backgrounds than us.  There is no difference to Jesus (Galatians 3:28) but often to us there is.  We may try to hide it, but self-righteousness and pride can grow inside us.

We may consider these sins as normal and natural struggles of life.  We may not see them as something demons promote and feed, and many times they have no need to get involved because we can do it all from our sin nature.  But in many ways, large and small, they are causing division, discontent and a turning from the truth of God’s Word.  It’s hard enough to fight an enemy we can’t see, but when we aren’t even aware there is a battle, we allow them to have their way unopposed.  And that is happening to way to many Christians and chur4ches today.

2 Corinthians 2:11  in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.

Are you aware of your weak spots and vulnerable areas where demons can attack and defeat you?  What about in your church?

What are your plans to have victory over there in your life?  What plans does your church have?


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