A question I am sometimes asked is if all believers need deliverance.  I don’t think everyone needs deliverance, but I do believe a lot more need it than are getting it.  When my a friend of mine became a believer she immediately lost all desire to smoke again, but another friend has been struggling with this his whole life.  Sometimes God has mercy on a person when they are born again and removes all demonic influence, or at least keeps it from affecting them.  Others, totally unaware of demonizing and deliverance, faithfully live for the Lord, worship Him, resist temptation and seek to live a holy life.  Sometimes God honors this and removes demonic influence.  Other times His plan is for them to learn about deliverance and how t o fight for their freedom.  Then, too, some believers have grown up in Christian homes surrounded by people who have prayed for them against these things and they may not be in need of deliverance.  However in most Christians there is a battle and victory is needed (Romans 7, end of chapter).

God could deliver everyone at the moment of salvation but He doesn’t because He allows everyone to have a free will.  Also, He uses our battles as a special tool to work in our lives.  Sometimes God allows demonizing so the person will see His need of Jesus, turn to Him, learn about His power and how to have victory, and then help others to victory.  Children grow and learn by their struggles and so do Christians.  Paul was demonized but God didn’t remove it.  Instead he used it for His glory and Paul’s growth (2 Corinthians 12;1-10).

God doesn’t always deliver even though He could because He has a greater plan in it.  He is always able to deliver but not always willing (Daniel 3:17).  I think this is true in physical healing as well – we see that in Paul’s thorn in the flesh and in God allowing Job to attack Satan.

Many who need deliverance either deny it or are afraid of anything having to do with Satan or demons. God gradually allows things to get worse until they yield and turn to God.  If a person isn’t serious about paying the price of obedience and faithfulness to be free and stay free they won’t find freedom.  If I try force deliverance on such a one and they don’t fill themselves with God’s Spirit and presence, seven times as many demons will come back (Matthew 12:45; Luke 11:26).  God respect our free will and won’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do, but He will allow things to get to the point where the person will want to turn to Him for freedom.

What about you?  Do you fear anything having to do with Satan or demons?  That gives them power over you and an opening to work against you.  God is greater than Satan or his forces (1 John 4:4).  Faithfully live for Him and follow His leading in all things and you will grow in victory.  If you have any questions about this feel free to write me at

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