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We are back to our regular activities now.  My whole family came for my father’s memorial service and it was great being with everyone.  There are many things going on in the India ministry as we make plans for the follow-up with the pastors we trained.  Pastor Moses has already visited the areas we were once and we have received many messages of appreciation.  I’ll include 2 emails I received in the last 2 days.  We continue to distribute books and help financially support pastors each month.

I am moving closer to retirement and the India ministry is being separated from the church I pastor.  Therefore we need to broaden our base of prayer and financial support.  We are planning for pastor Moses to come for a couple weeks in early June.  I would greatly appreciate it if each of you would approach your church to see if they can provide prayer and/or financial support for us.  Christian Training Organization is a legal 501(c)3 organization.  I will gladly send more information or meet in person (depending on the location) to help share our ministry with your church.  This is very important for us as we move ahead in this ministry.   Please pray for this need and speak to those in your church on our behalf.  Thanks!

Dear Pastor Jerry,Greetings to you in the Precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.I’m  xxxxx from India. Do you remember me? When you came to India we met in a pastors meet. We had a little chat for a couple of minutes and you gave me your card to write you. I’ve gone through your books. They are good. You brought good idea through your thesis in regard to marriage and the relationship between wife and husband. We often talk about your messages and about the books. They are really helpful to my father and some of our fellow pastors. They are very handy to them. I even gave to some of our relatives to go through. My mom and Dad are very happy to see the depths of the God’s word. The book about end times are good and believers should know about this. I’m planning to teach our Church about the end times.I have gone through your website and some articles of it. The article of Apologetics are good. Thanks Pastor Jerry visiting us and leaving His Word into our hands. I understand how much you spent to bring these valuable books into our hands. I see your heart for God and your mind in these books. After you leave this earth these books will witness you and His word. God bless you abundantly. I love to see you next time when you come back to India.  My wife said her greetings to you. She is enjoying reading your books.Yours in Him,

Praise the Lord  Greetings in Jesus name. How are you Uncle and I hope you had good travel and prayer meeting and now you are in home. Praise God. I believe your family and children fine by our God. Daily in our prayer praying for your family and ministry. God helped me and my wife attend your powerful Bible teaching. We are so thankful to God. From that day on God open our eye to read the Bible and pray more. Now we are your student. Now when I pray God speak in my heart to tell about the ministry do in India Slum village.I come from Hindu Banjara Village and by Jesus blood I am new and I accepted Jesus as my personal God. Glory to God. I got marriage and God given two son. Forty day myself and my wife fast and prayer to God. He put in my heart to name the ministry Life in the Word. Poor children home.  Slum village children.   Please pray India Slum village ministry. Please sent email. My wife and my children and prayer group greet to you. Thank you

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