Evidence of Demonizing

            Luke 8:26-39, the account of the Gadarene demoniac, clearly describes various symptoms of demonizing.  There is nakedness (immodesty, immorality), self-destructive tendencies (even to suicide and death), supernatural strength, animalistic behavior, schizophrenia, mental illness, preoccupation with darkness and death (living in a graveyard), fits of rage, resistance to spiritual things, etc.  The strong man (ruler) was “Legion”, meaning he had many demons under his authority that are doing these various works. 

            Here is a list of some characteristics of demonizing.  Other factors can contribute, and our free will allows us to do these sins in our flesh without and of Satan’s help, but if you see several of these at work and recognize them as something you haven’t been able to have victory over even though you have been doing your best to live for Jesus, then they most likely are symptoms of demonizing. 



            Extremely low self image (feel unworthy, unclean, no good, etc) Luke 8:2

            Constant confusion in thinking (especially about spiritual things), restlessness

            Inability to believe spiritual truths which they hear or read

            Mocking and blasphemous thoughts (esp. when hearing spiritual truths)

            Perceptual distortions (thinking others are angry at you when they are not)

            Repetitious dreams or nightmares (sexual, horror-filled, fearful, etc)

            Violent thoughts (of suicide, rape, murder, self-abuse, cutting, etc.)



            Hatred and bitterness toward others for no justifiable reason

            Tremendous hostility, fear, restlessness when challenged about demonizing

            Deep depression and despondence (frequent and long)

            Irrational fears, panic, and phobias (Rom. 8:15 Luke 9:39)

            Irrational anger or rage (Mt. 8:28)

            Irrational guilt and extreme self-condemnation, not forgiving self



            Desire to do right but inability to carry it out

            Sudden personality & attitude changes (like, and then hate someone)

            Strong aversion to Scripture reading & prayer

            Lying compulsively, then often wondering why (Acts 5:3)

            Stealing compulsively, if you need the thing or not

            Drinking or using drugs (prescription or not) compulsively, if you really desire to or not

            Eating compulsively (or reverse, bulimia or anorexia nervosa)

            Sexual sins that are compulsive (especially perversions) Matthew 15:5 Luke 8:27

            Irrational, inappropriate laughter

            Irrational violence (compulsion to hurt self or someone else) Mt. 17:15; Mk. 5:5; Lk 9:39

            Sudden speaking of a language not previously known

            Reactions to the name and blood of Jesus (uncomfortable, move away, etc.)

            Uncontrollable cutting and mocking tongue and language

            Vulgar language and actions (Luke. 4:33-34)

            Uncontrollable greed, which drives you on (Acts 5:3)



            Loss of time (little or a lot, not knowing how you got someplace what you did)

            Extreme sleepiness around spiritual things (Bible study, prayer, etc.)

            Demonstration of extraordinary abilities (ESP, telekinesis, out of body, disassociating)

            Voices heard in the mind (mock, intimidate, accuse, threaten, bargaining

            A voice speaking from you refers to you in the third person (“he” “she”)

            Supernatural experiences (haunting, movement or disappearance of objects, etc.)



            Seizures (Mk. 1:26 Mk. 7:24-30 Mk. 17:15) (may or may not be demonic)

            Pain without justifiable explanation, problem doctors can’t cure

            Physical ailments alleviated by a spiritual command (epileptic seizure, asthma attack,

headache, nausea, etc., which stops when commanded in Jesus’ name to be gone)

            Sudden interference with bodily functions (buzzing in ears, irritability to speak or hear,             increased hypersensitivity in hearing or touch, sudden chills, etc.)

            Do you fine that many of these describe you?  Do you see a pattern in your life that may be caused by demons?  Don’t fear them, this just shows what they have been doing.  Remember God can and will set you free.  These blogs will show you how.  You can receive my book or contact me for help if you would like (see below).


(If I can answer questions or offer personal counsel, or if you would like a free copy of my Spiritual Warfare Handbook, email me at Jerry@ChristianTrainingOrganization.org or download it from http://sw.christiantrainingonline.org/.  My next book, Spiritual Warfare in the Bible, which is a more advanced treatment of spiritual warfare, is also available there for free.)

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