Evidence of Spiritual Oppression


(Thirty plus years ago God put Don Rogers in my life.  He trained and mentored me in spiritual ministry.  When he was no longer able to minister, I had the privilege of taking over his “Spiritual Warfare Ministries.”  He had written many fine articles about spiritual warfare.  I have edited and added to his work for this blog.)


Extremely low self-image (unworthy, a failure, no good – a constant undermining of the self-identity.)

Constant confusion in thinking (sometimes great difficulty in remembering things)

Inability to believe (even when the person wants to)

Mocking and blasphemous thoughts against preaching/teaching of the Word of God

Perceptual distortions – perceiving anger, hostility, in others when it doesn’t really exist – seeing only judgment in the scriptures

Horrible nightmares causing fear (often having demonic images)

Violent thoughts (suicidal, homicidal, encouraging self-abuse, etc.)


Hatred and bitterness toward others for no justifiable reason

Tremendous hostility or fear when encountering someone involved in deliverance work

Deep depression and despondency (frequently and timely)

Irrational fears – panic attacks – phobias

Irrational anger – rage

Irrational guilt – self-condemnation to the extreme


Desire to do what is right (inability to carry it out)

Sudden personality and attitude changes (severe contrasts – appears schizophrenic)

A strong aversion toward scripture reading and prayer (especially one on one)

A dark countenance (steely or hollow look in eyes – contraction of the pupils – sometimes facial features contort or change – often an inability to look at your directly

Lying, exaggerating, or stealing compulsively (often wondering why)

Drug abuse (especially when there is demonic hallucinations)

Eating obsessions – bulimia, anorexia nervosa

Compulsive sexual sins (especially perversions)

Irrational laughter or crying

Irrational violence – compulsion to hurt self and/or someone else

Sudden speaking of a language not previously known (often an ethnic language of ancestors)

Reactions to the name and blood of Jesus Christ (verbally or through body language)

Extreme restlessness (especially in a spiritual environment)

Uncontrollable cutting and mocking tongue

Vulgar language and actions


Loss of time (from minutes to hours – ending up someplace, not knowing how you got there – regularly doing things of which there is no memory)

Extreme sleepiness around spiritual things

Demonstration of extraordinary abilities (either ESP or Telekinesis)

Voices are heard in the mind (they mock, intimidate, accuse, threaten or bargain)

Voice speaking from subject – refers to him/her in the third person

Supernatural experiences – hauntings, movement or disappearance of objects, and other strange manifestations


Seizures (too long and/or too regular)

Pain (without justifiable explanation – especially in head and/or stomach)


Physical ailments can often be alleviated immediately by a command of spiritual authority (i.e. epileptic seizure, asthma attacks, various pains)

Sudden interference with bodily functions (temporary) – buzzing in ears, inability to speak or hear, sudden severe headache, hypersensitivity in hearing or touch, sudden chills or overwhelming heat in body, numbness in arms or legs, temporary paralysis

NOTE:  If a person has only a few of the above symptoms which have no apparent demonic connections, then there is probably nothing much to worry about. But if a large number of these symptoms can be checked, there is a likelihood that there is a measure of spiritual oppression that is in place. This should be checked out. After all there is really nothing to lose by doing so, except one’s pride.

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