We have blogged about children being demonized (see “Demonizing of Children”).  As we talk about marriage and the family we must remember that demons often attack a family or marriage through one of the children.

            Demons often use children to cause problems in the family for the parents or vice versa.  For years we have battled demons named “Frustration” and “Misery” whose work was just what  their names suggested.  They would cause strife among the children, and it would spread to the whole house.  Their plan was to make things miserable and they quite often succeeded.  We have learned to pray against that at the start of each day and as soon as we sense ourselves feeling it happen.  More recently there is a spirit of “Argumentativeness” that rears its ugly head.  When we notice a lot of picking at each other in the children we pray against that.   We deal with the children, too, but include spiritual warfare also. That really helps improve things!  Quite often demons incite children to behavior that will affect others in the family. 

            We’ve seen several cases of children being motivated to do things to get into trouble so they would get scolded a lot.  That developed an inferiority feeling in them, an image of always being bad or not pleasing their parents.  Unless reversed that sets a pattern for life that is all too common!  We’ve also seen several cases of children being afflicted at night (bed-wetting, crying, etc.) to interrupt the parent’s sleep and make the parent have a harder time during the day.  Impatient parents then scold more and the child also feels rejected.

            Demons often set up things to cause a long-range cause-effect relationship, like dominoes in a row falling down.  David’s sin with Bathsheba, for example, was set up many years earlier when he indulged his lust for women (more than one wife).  Satan patiently waited for the right time to pull the trap.  Its important we raise our children correctly for Jesus and not let any openings develop which Satan can take advantage of. 

            Does this seem like something that is happening in your family?  If so, read the blog “Demonizing of Children” for more information about this.  Pray for your family and children.  Pray for families you know, especially focus on families with a particularly difficult child.  Ask God for wisdom as to how to pray for them.  Share with them the truth you have learned through these blogs and help them learn how to have victory over these things in their family. 


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