God Promises Us Freedom


Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Everyone wants freedom.  It’s built into us to be unrestricted and unhindered.  We don’t want anything or any one forcefully controlling us.   Yet very few people are truly free.  Many are in physical bondage; even more are in emotional or spiritual captivity.  Everyone seeks freedom, for their body and especially for their soul.  Yet there is only one way to liberty and that is through Jesus.  He not only makes it available; He promises it to those who know Him and His teaching.  His truth is what sets us free.

Satan’s lie is that there is no truth, or, if there is, no one can know it.  He tells people there are no absolutes, you can make your own truth and it’ll be truth to you.    But Jesus promises there is truth, and that we can know it and apply it.  What wonderful provisions He make available for us.

Stephen knew the truth and taught it in his synagogue (Acts 7).  Paul listened to him but rejected the truth and took part in his stoning to silence his words.  But what Stephen had taught stayed with Paul and after he became a Christian, he taught the same truth.  It had set Stephen free and then it also set Paul free.  Ezra also taught God’s truth to the people (Ezra 7:10) and they accepted it and found freedom in obeying God’s Word.  The same happened when King Josiah found the law of God which had been lost and neglected.  He had it read and applied and God greatly blessed the people (2 King 22).

Truth is important because it brings freedom.  Satan’s lies say we will never be free from the sin or difficulty we face because it is too strong for us.  We hear, “Others may be free, but never you,” or “God won’t free you.”  But God promises that freedom is available, and it comes through knowing and applying His truth.  We know Satan is a defeated foe (1 John 4:4) and when we commit to living for Jesus and resisting Satan there will ultimately be victory (James 4:6-8).  We know Jesus has given us power and authority over demons (Luke 9:1-2; 10:17-20).  Knowing God’s truth about spiritual warfare and applying it to our lives will enable us to win our battles and gain freedom.

Freedom doesn’t mean an absence of battles or challenges.  Freedom starts within, in our own minds and hearts.  First, we must find freedom from fear and anger, lust and jealousy, pride and greed.  Freedom doesn’t have to do mainly with our circumstances without, but our bondage within.  Truth starts within and that’s where freedom first begins as well.  God never promised to remove our trials and hurts, but He did promise to give us peace within (freedom from fear and stress).    We can be free from fear, guilt, shame, anger and all the rest by knowing and following Jesus.  It’s available to every believer.

The Ethiopian Eunuch read God’s Words of truth and listened as Philip explained them to him (Acts 8).  He accepted their truth and found freedom from his guilt and emptiness.  The people Jesus healed found freedom from physical bondage, but the greater freedom came to those who saw the truth of who He was and were freed from their sin.  His truth made them free as well.

I grew up in liberal Christianity.  I was intrigued by the occult and explored various cults but nothing satisfied until I came to Jesus and found His truth for all my needs.  I’m still learning and growing, but I do know that truth is only found in Him, and that His truth does indeed set us free.  Have you found that as well?

Memorize John 8:32.  When might you need to apply this truth to y0our life?  When can you use it to help someone who isn’t a believer?


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