Guardrails Against Sexual Sin

Just as dangerous roads have guardrails to protect drivers from plunging over the edge, so God has provided guardrails for Christian men to be able to safely navigate the curves and dangerous portions of life. These can keep us from plunging into sexual destruction.

  1. A Strong Relationship With The Father is the first guardrail (Prov 5:1-2). A solid spiritual relationship with God is the surest protection against destruction. Invite God to examine your thoughts (Phil 4:8-9).  Take captive any thoughts that aren’t pure (II Cor 10:5) before they grow.  Study and memorize Bible verses to help with the battle over lust (I Thes 4:3-8; Job 31:1; Prov 6:27; Mk 9:42-47; Eph 5:3-7; II Tim 2:22; II Cor 10:5; Psalm 139:23-24).
  2. An Extreme Caution With Other Women is the next safeguard. Do whatever is necessary to keep yourself from being tempted in action or thought (Matt 5:29-30). Don’t even allow yourself to look at another woman and lust (Job 31:1).  Be careful, too, of any relationship with a woman where you enjoy and look forward to her company.  Sexual relationships start as good friendships, but any male-female relationship that isn’t totally brother-sister in all aspects can easily lead to sin.
  3. A Wide-open Relationship With Our Brothers is another guardrail. We all need someone who loves us enough to challenge us to total purity (James 5:16). We need accountability, encouragement and prayer support which can only come from a close brother in the Lord who understands and cares.
  4. A fulfilling Relationship With Our Wife is the final essential ingredient (Prov 5:15-19). If your relationship with your wife isn’t what you’d like, it’s up to you as the man to change that. Be the husband you need to be no matter how she responds.  Pray and fast for her to be the wife you need.  Pray daily for God to give you a love for her like you had in the past.  Treat her as if you have that love, and God will quickly put it in your heart.  Learn to develop a close intimacy with her.  The grass always looks greener, but never is.

Billy Graham says “There must be firm control of the sex impulse.  This God-given instinct has been dragged through the gutter by modern thinking, and we have made a cheap toy out of the most sacred gifts God has ever given to man.  Our procreative powers need to be dedicated to Christ.”

Be careful when the world, the flesh or the devil try feeding you some salt water.  It may seem initially invigorating and refreshing, but it leads to death.  Control your thirst for sexual things.  Drink of the water God has provided (Proverbs 5:15-19) and don’t even think about any other.  Make that commitment now.  Job says “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl” (31:1).  Let’s all make and keep that same commitment ourselves.  Let’s not wait until it is too late, like Samson.  Lets do it NOW.

Which of the above guardrails do you have in place?

Which are missing, or in need or repair?  What must you do NOW to establish those guardrails?

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