Once you get involved in deliverance, you’ll start to see how it can help those around you.  You’ll want to share with others what you’ve found.  That’s great!  Remember, though, there is a cost of your time (Mark 7:24), energy (Mark 6:31) and patience (Matthew 17:17).  Count the cost first (Mark 3:8-15).  Getting involved in spiritual warfare for others may bring attacks against you but do not fear such a thing (Matthew 10:24-27).  Often the worse part, though, is the criticism and rejection you get from others, believers and unbelievers alike (Matthew 9:32-34); Matthew 10:24-27).  Don’t fear that, either (Luke 13:31-32). 

            One danger to watch out for is thoughts popping into your mind of how spiritual you are, or feelings of pride because of having power over demons.  Others may see you as more spiritual, too.  This is a real danger.  Jesus makes it clear that being able to administer deliverance is no sign of spirituality or even salvation (Matthew 7:21-23). 

            Keep in mind, too, that others minister deliverance in different ways.  I feel strongly that what I have written here is what God has for me according to His Word.  However I am not to judge or reject those who do it differently (Mark 9:38-40). 

            Follow the steps for deliverance outlined in this book on pages 48-54.

            When you find yourself in a situation where you feel God wants you to talk or pray about deliverance just go ahead!  Don’t worry about your lack of knowledge or experience (that’s a lie from the demons to silence you).  It’s God’s power and He will give you the right words and wisdom at the right time.  Nothing is worse than not doing anything and allowing the demons to continue their work.  Just do your best, trusting God for each step of the way.  There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way, no magic formula.  God is greater, so just bring His power against the evil forces.

            One thing to be careful of, though, is your own time and schedule.  Don’t allow yourself to be a crutch to anyone, for that isn’t helping them.  Wean them from you and onto God quickly.  Don’t become too involved with the one you are ministering too.  It can become too draining on you and make it hard for you to be objective, plus harder to wean them.  At first feeling needed can be very nice, but it is God they should need, not you. 

            Always consider the big picture when praying for deliverance. Keep deliverance in balance.   Should they see a counselor?  Would a physical from a doctor be helpful?  Are they perhaps not giving you the complete, total picture, but just what they want you to know?  Do they REALLY want to be free or are they more interested in having your attention?  Is their any sin they aren’t willing to get rid of? 

I see myself as a quarterback (football) who throws passes to his receivers.  The quarterback must throw the best pass he can – a nice, tight spiral right into the hands of the receiver.  But ones the quarterback lets go of the ball it is no longer up to him if it is caught or not.  Some receivers drop excellent passes, others make miraculous catches of poorly thrown balls.  I used to be very concerned about the results but had to realize that isn’t up to me.  Now there must almost be callousness over my heart to some extent or I would get burnt out quickly.  I give the best advice I can, with God’s help, and know that is all God holds me accountable for – but He doesn’t hold me accountable to do my best, to throw the best pass I can.  If it is caught or not is not up to me but between the persona and God.  Many times I don’t if the pass is dropped or caught, but I keep throwing them anyway.  And the more one practices the better he gets at it.  I keep a list of all the people who wrote me and the emails beck and forth.  There are hundreds and hundreds of names and almost all have more than one or two emails.  Some I’ve been in touch with for years.  They have become a core group to whom I send prayer requests, especially about my India trip.  They are the ones I ask to pray for me when special needs come up.  They keep me updated, sometimes every few months, and we write more regularly when things get difficult.  Jesus spoke to millions, thousands liked what He said, hundreds believed, a dozen gave up everything to follow Him (and one of those turned back), three became His inner core and one His best friend (John).  That’s about how it goes.  In the parable of the sower and the seed Jesus points out that only about one fourth of the seed sown grows, so if that’s true of Jesus I can’t expect better!  One more factor is that I know I am only the servant and Jesus expects me to be faithful.  He doesn’t look at numbers. 

I throw the best pass I can and then pray for them.  For the most part that bit of callous self-protection that all people in the service ministries have to have takes care of it.  Now when it’s a person I know well, a really bad situation, especially a relative, then it can get to me more.  But that motivates me to be the more faithful in prayer and ministry.  Even Jesus had Judas.



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