I think that most Christians shy away from anything having to do with spiritual warfare, demons or Satan.  Perhaps it seems freaky and scares them, or maybe they associate it with emotional extremism.  It could be avoidance of that which isn’t understand.  There’s no doubt most churches and ministries don’t teach about spiritual warfare, especially in a Biblically balanced way.  It’s easy to hide behind the truth that God is greater and in sovereign control.  They interpret that to mean we don’t need to concern ourselves with the demonic.  That is not true.  As our culture moves further and further from a Biblical world view, Satan is able to make inroads into our culture and lives.

As a result, many Christians are learning about and turning to deliverance ministries for help.  But what really is deliverance?  Is it Biblical?  Should we turn to deliverance ministries for help with demonic issues?

Seeking deliverance presumes that there are demons influencing a person and that they can and must be removed by certain methods or prayers.  Some do this in group setting with much emotion and public displays.  Others (like myself) prefer to do it one-on-one in counseling situations where openings to demonizing can be discovered and closed.

It seems to me more and more Christians are becoming aware of the reality of demonic interference in their lives and turning to deliverance for help.  Some expect a ‘deliverance minister’ to say some prayers and cure them of all their problems and struggles.  That is not deliverance at all.  Deliverance comes from God; He is the only real deliverance minister.  The rest of us are tools He uses to help people discover their own needs and how to have victory.

God allows people to be attacked because He gives man a free will and it is often used in disobedience to God and His Word.  When a person opens a door to demons, or someone in his family line has opened the door, then that opening must be discovered, confessed and closed.  Also, steps must be taken so it doesn’t happen again.  This is where counseling and spiritual growth come in.  Often God allows the demonizing to continue just so the person will seek the root cause and overcome it.  This often takes time and can be a battle, but God is greater (1 John 4:4) and promises ultimate victory for those who follow Him.  Other demonic attacks aren’t because of any openings given, but are because of a curse, property that is open to the demonic, too close involvement with someone who is demonized or just simply an attack because we follow Christ.  God will give victory over those as well when we understand what is happening and how to have victory.

So, what about deliverance ministry?  I believe that when someone claims the ability to pray for one or more people and cast out all demons, without counseling as to the cause or follow-up to close the doors, more harm than good can come.  God can and often does honor the faith of the person coming for deliverance and free them, but the root cause has not been determined or removed so they are open to many worse demons returning (Matthew 12:44-45).  I see deliverance as one tool in our toolbox, one weapon to use to have victory in Christian life.  It certainly isn’t the only one.  Prayer, Bible study, worship, fasting, etc. Are other tools to help us have victory.  However, spiritual warfare is a needed tool when the source of our problems are from demons.

Deliverance only comes from God in response to prayer, confession and life change in a believer.  A deliverance minister can help then along that path, but only the one demonized can do what is necessary to bring about deliverance.  Many times, a deliverance minister isn’t necessary.  By reading and learning, a person can discover their openings and how to close them and do so on their own.  My Spiritual Warfare Handbook is designed for that purpose.  Email me at or download it at .  If you are in a battle and not making progress, feel free to email me and we can look for causes and openings.

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.  Luke 10:19

Thank God for the freedom and victory He has given you in Jesus.

If there are current battles you are losing, ask Him to show you the root cause and then confess the sin and make the necessary changes.


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