Is It Gods Will for Everyone to Be Healed Today 2

            We have been looking at the issue of healing as it applies to us today.  Let’s conclude our discussion on this subject.

Is ‘healing’ today the same as in bible times?  Today’s ‘healers’ must meet the same characteristics of Jesus and the apostles to claim they are doing what was done then.  Jesus and the apostles healed with a word or touch wherever and whenever.  There was no special place or time, no chants or music, no gimmicks, nothing.  Do today’s faith healers walk down the hall in a hospital and empty every room?  That’s how Jesus and Peter did it.  Also, Bible miracles were done instantly, not gradually or slowly.  There was no healing to ‘claim’ or lose.  Healing was then done totally, not partially, and it was never lost.  Everyone was healed.  There was no screening done.  100% of every one, no matter the need, was healed.  Organic diseases were healed: limbs grew back instantly, strong enough to walk on, eyes were open, leprosy instantly gone and healthy flesh gown.  Then, too, the dead were raised.  Today’s faith healing doesn’t nearly meet these characteristics.

Does God not heal?  Yes, a sovereign God can always heal.  He is always able to heal, but He is not always willing.  Healing isn’t guaranteed.  Healing isn’t based on our having enough faith.  Miracles by Jesus and the apostles were done as a sign to authenticate the One who could heal an unseen soul.  God can and does heal, but He doesn’t gift others to do it, nor does He say that is the recommended norm for His people.

What are we to do when sick?  When we are sick its good to first make sure it isn’t for sin or disobedience.  If there is sin that God is using the sickness to point out, confess it and God will forgive and then use that illness for good (Romans 8:28).  It’s fine to pray, asking God to heal if that is His will.  We are to submit to His will, not demand He do what we want.  Ask Him to use the pain and suffering for His glory (that we and others can see His greatness through His provision and peace) and our growth(make us trust Him more and become more like Jesus).  Use the best available resources: diet, rest, exercise and medical help.  Realize that all healing does ultimately come from God.  Leave the results to His will, though. 

            Granted, this whole subject of faith and healing can be a confusing and guilt-producing area.  Specific verses can be found to seemingly support most any view.  However an overview of the Bible and it’s teaching about these things definitely seems to substantiate the above view of healing.  Always remember, our faith must be in Jesus.  HE is the object of our faith, never a human person or group.  Put faith in Jesus, not faith in your faith!  HE is the one we are to look to and glorify.  Always keep your eyes on Him.  Trust and serve Him no matter what.


 by Rev. Dr. Jerry Schmoyer, Christian Training Organization


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