The coming of Jesus Christ was the invasion of the kingdom of Satan by the kingdom of God in the person of the true King.  His incarnation was an infiltration, a landing behind enemy lines.  The enemy mustered all the opposition it could to stop Him.  He came to rescue mankind which had been held captive in sin since the time of Adam and Eve.  He provided the only way man could get out of bondage.  Jesus came to end Satan’s undisputed rule (Matthew 12:28-29).  Darkness fought against the Light, but praise God the light was greater (John 1:5; 3:19; 8:12)!

Jesus’ birth was truly an infiltration of enemy-occupied territory, a landing behind the lines of a baby who would change everything.  While the accounts of Jesus’ birth speak of a quiet, peaceful event, reading between the lines shows there was much conflict involved both in heaven and on earth.  The news of Mary’s pregnancy before the consummation of her marriage with Joseph clearly led to community rejection.  Strong opposition to Jesus’ coming is seen in the fact that there was no comfortable place to stay in Bethlehem, the religious leaders failed to come see the baby even though they knew when and where He was born (Matthew 2:1-7), and Herod’s attempted to kill Him (Matthew 2:16).

There were others who were very willing to recognize this baby as God Himself come to earth.  God affirmed Jesus’ deity through the words of Gabriel to Mary, Joseph and the shepherds.  Each of them believed.    Simeon and Anna in the temple knew who He was, and the Magi from the east were clear confirmations that God had come to earth in the form of a baby (Matthew 1:18-2:12).

However most people, including the religious rulers, rejected Him.  Some of those who did follow Him traveled with Him to watch and learn each day.  The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John record these events. They are not just history lessons; they are practical examples of how we are to win the battles in our lives.

We, too, fight behind enemy lines.  Jesus may be gone, but we remain to infiltrate enemy territory.  We draw their fire.  We face their attacks.  That’s why God gave us the Bible as our training manual and the life of Jesus as our practical example.  The following series of blogs will draw lessons in spiritual warfare from the life of Jesus.

“All the battles of Israel, if they could have seen it, were not their battles; they were the battles of the Lord.  They were involved because they were His people.  This is God’s battle, we are given the privilege of being in it and of fighting as individual soldiers, but God’s honor is involved in it all.  He cannot allow this to fall because His character, His glory, and His honor are involved at every point.  Be strong in the Lord; remember that He is there, and that it is His battle.”  D. Martyn Llod-Jones cto Rev. Dr. JERRY SCHMOYER

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