Joseph and Victory Over Sexual Sin 2

(The story of King David and his victory over sexual sin is continued from the previous blog.)

WHY DID JOSEPH RUN?  Why would Joseph resist?  If she was willing and he was naturally curious, and no one would find out — why not?  That’s the way it is seen today.  If no one gets hurt, so what?  No doubt her husband knew of her ways and chose to overlook them and pretend the gossip he heard wasn’t true.  If it wasn’t Joseph it would be someone else.  Joseph’s resistance had nothing to do with his loyalty for his master.  He had a great loyalty to consider: his loyalty to God (Genesis 39:9).  He considered this a “great evil” and “sin against God.”  Each man must choose his own moral standards.  What we are when no one is looking is what we really are.  No one was looking at Joseph, no one would know, no one but God.  That was enough.  Joseph lived his life knowing God was always watching.  Do you?

That’s why Joseph ran.  He ran from her, but I think he also ran from himself.  Inside he knew if he didn’t move fast he’d be lost!  It wasn’t that she was about to  physically overcome and force him, it was that he found himself very tempted and attracted.  What scared him was how easy it would have been to give in!  Does that ever scare you?  It should.  Joseph ran from himself more than he ran from her.  God didn’t remove the source of temptation, but God did leave an open door for him to run through.  Today, too, God always gives us a “way of escape” (I Cor. 10:13) for us to run through.  RUN — not walk.  If we don’t run we won’t make it.

LESSONS IN RUNNING TODAY  John Colter ran for his life.  He was trapped and was a goner if he didn’t put distance between him and his enemies.  He had nothing but his free will, and he used that to escape the danger.  Why aren’t we as serious about escaping sexual temptation and sin?  Is it because we really don’t see it as the evil danger it is?  Is it because we are intrigued and, while we don’t want to get caught and destroyed, we want to hang around a bit and ‘enjoy’ the temptation or sin a little longer.  An Indian with a spear is an obvious danger, a friendly smile from a girl in a short shirt doesn’t seem as dangerous.  Believe me, it is.  You don’t have to believe me, down inside you know that yourself.  Act on what you know.  Don’t flirt with destruction.  Satan uses the same traps and bait today as he did with Joseph.

Leave your coat and run, as Joseph did.  Cancel your cable.  Throw away your video store card.  Drive home a different way.  Avoid going past that secretary.  Go the opposite of that book store at lunch.  Completely cut off that ‘innocent’ flirtatious relationship.  Fire that seductive employee.  Quit your job if necessary and get another.

Sin always has a price, and that is especially true of sexual sin.  It makes no difference if it’s an action or ‘just’ a thought.  Sin is sin.  Sin always costs, and it costs more than anyone wanted to pay.  That is especially true of sexual sin.  Ask David.  Ask Samson.

Remember John Colton.  Remember Joseph.  We have two choices: run or sin. It’s your choice.  Make the right one!

What lessons is God teaching you from the life of Joseph?

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