King David and Sexual Sin 2

(The story of King David and his victory over sexual sin is continued from the previous blog.)

DAVID DIDN’T EXPECT TO PAY  All David wanted was some entertainment to fill a dull, boring evening (when he should have been at work for God leading God’s army).  Instead he ended up in deception, murder and adultery.  Before long his family was split over this and by the next generation the direct results were a split in the nation.  David, his family and the entire nation all went downhill from there.  That wasn’t David’s plan when he saw Bathsheba from the roof!  David thought he could have some fun without any serious consequences.  He played with fire and got badly burnt.  David never thought that, just because he let that first lustful thought grow into an action, he’d have such a steep price to pay.  Satan never whispers that part of things into our heart.  He talks only of the present, never of the future.  But the present is fleeting and the future always comes.

This sin with Bathsheba was the first domino in a row that included the death of his infant son, his oldest son Amnon raping his daughter Tamar, Absalom killing Amnon to avenge the rape, Absalom’s almost-successful attempt to overthrow David’s kingdom, and Absalom’s death.  What a price to pay for letting an innocent lustful thought grow to where it became an action!  By the way, when is the best time to stop a lustful thought?  When is the best time to stop a fire that has started in your house?

Other consequences continued.  Ahithopel, David’s close friend and trusted advisor for decades, sided with Absalom in his rebellion (which is why it was almost successful).  Why would he do this?  Bathsheba was his granddaughter.  See how sin works?

Remember, this wasn’t a one-time slip David made.  He’s been stretching and burning his conscience for years.  If he hadn’t given into his lust when he took his second and then third wife, he would have better been able to resist that first impulse to sin with Bathsheba.  A man who gives into his lust when young has a much harder time controlling it when older.

It may be that David never did get over his ‘thing’ for women, even after paying this bitter price.  When he was old and his circulation was bad, a young virgin was brought in to sleep with him and keep him warm (I Kings 1:1-4).  Granted, nothing sexual happened, but why not one of the women he already had?  Why a new one, a young one, a virgin?  More than likely he was just repeating his life-long pattern.  When David had a need, he compromised and looked for some new sensual stimulation to meet that need.  Is that what you do?

WHAT ABOUT YOU?  What more can I say?  The story speaks for itself.   Sin can ruin your life.  No one ever plans for that to happen, still that is the way sin works.  The only antidote is the blood of Jesus: accepting God’s free gift of salvation, coming back for cleansing each time one sins, and depending on God’s strength for victory over all sin.  First, though, the sin must be admitted.  Unless we admit to ourselves that we have a problem we will never strive for a solution.  Admit your helplessness to have victory over sexual sin, be it a thought pattern or action.  It’s no different than any other sin.  Victory is available in Jesus.  For some it means a mental choice to stop lust before it grows in the mind, for others is may be a change in daily patterns (where you go, what you watch, etc.), for others it still means getting counsel or finding a friend to hold one accountable.   Whatever it is for you — do it!  Sin can ruin your life!

What lessons is God teaching you from the life of King David?

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