Leadership Lessons From Woman


 A GODLY LEADER GIVES WILLINGLY TO OTHERS  In Genesis 24 we read about Abraham’s servant seeking a bride for Isaac. He selected Rebekah because she was willing to give him a drink and water his camels as well. Leaders give when asked. In giving to others, we are really giving to Jesus, what we do for them we do for Him (Matthew 25:34-40).  Godly leaders serve by putting the needs of others before their own. It was long, hard work for her to draw enough water out of a well for many thirsty camels, yet she did it willingly. It wasn’t convenient or easy, and she didn’t even know the person she was helping. Like Rebekah, a godly leader gives willing to others.

Are you quick to willingly give to others in need? Will you go out of your way and sacrifice to help someone you don’t know, someone who can’t pay you back? Will you help someone even when no one knows the good deed you have done? This starts in your family, so do you sacrifice to willingly serve others in your family?

GODLY LEADER ENCOURAGES THEIR FOLLOWERS  Deborah is the only female judge in Israel’s history. She was one of the best judges. There weren’t men willing to serve, so God used her. She worked with a male general who led their armies against their enemies. Deborah didn’t fight in the battle, but she did encourage those who fought and urge them on by assuring them that victory was theirs (Judges 4). Godly leaders are cheerleaders for others. By their words and actions they encourage, motivate and inspire others to follow Jesus.

Do you go out of your way to encourage others?  Do you say things to help them face what is going on in their lives? Do you criticize or condemn those struggling under heavy burdens, or do you do what you can to help them?

A GODLY LEADER HAS COURAGE  In the book of Esther, Esther, an Israelite, became one of the king’s wives. Haman opposed all Jews and tried to have them annihilated. He would have succeeded had it not been for Esther’s courage to bring this to the attention of the king. Approaching the king without an invitation could result in certain death, but Esther risked it and God was with her. She was willing to do the right thing for her people. Since no one knew she was a Jew, she would have been spared, but she didn’t take the easy way out. Leaders must have the courage to face anyone at any time. We may feel fear, but can’t let it keep us from doing the right thing.

Do you have courage to do what is right for others, even if it puts you in great danger? Do you struggle with fear of what others may think of you or do to you? How can you have victory over your fear? 


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