Openings for Demonizing (Gadarenes Demoniac 3)

OPENINGS FOR DEMONIZING  (Gadarenes Demoniac 3)

In the last 2 blogs we’ve looked at symptoms of demonizing from Jesus’ encournter with the demonized men in Gadarenes.  (Read Mark 5:1-20; Matthew 8:28-34 or Luke 8:26-37)  If you recall, those were pretty serious manifestations in their lives.  What happened to allow the demon get such a strong hold on these men?

LESSON FOR TODAY:  It is also natural to wonder how these men ever got to such a state.  Why are some people so greatly demonized and others seemingly unaffected?  The Bible doesn’t tell us what allowed this in these men but does give us information as to the most common causes of demonizing.  While any sin can open the door to allow demons in, there are some sins that are particularly effective in allowing this.  Some of the more common openings to demonizing include:

Opening 1: Sins that allow another power to control us.  If we turn to another power other than God, if we open our lives to influences that aren’t from God, if we indulge in sins that allow us to be vulnerable to spiritual influences from demons, then we are opening the door for demons to enter and impact us.  Idolatry, for example, opens the worshipper to demonizing because they allow the demon behind the idol to have access to themselves (1 Corinthians 10:20).  Drug or alcohol abuse can do the same thing.  Involvement in false religions also opens a door.  Sexual sin is also a way demons enter a person’s life (1 Corinthians 6:15-16).  Pride, anger and fear also make us vulnerable, for they become a prayer for these things to grow in our lives, and only Satan’s forces would answer such a prayer.

Opening 2: Sin in our family line.  The sin that opened the door for demons to enter doesn’t have to have been committed by us.  It could have been committed by an ancestor of ours. When a demon has access to a person, he also claims right to all that person has, including their children.  The Bible says God “punishes the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation” (Exodus 20:4-5; Deuteronomy 5:8-9; Exodus 34:6-7).  The Bible says that children are affected by their parents sins (Ezekiel 18;2) and this is one of the ways. Children are not accountable for them, but are impacted by their consequences. The same is true of positive, godly influences from our parents which also are passed on.  This is often called “generational openings” or “ancestral openings”  and is one of the most common reasons people are demonized. (For more information see under Old Testament, Moses (Exodus – Deuteronomy.)

Opening 3: Where we live.  Some event may have happened on the land or in the home or room where you live.  It could be a violent act, an occult activity, a curse, a dedicating of the property to the powers of darkness or similar acts.  Sometimes when we go into a certain neighborhood or home there is a ‘sense’ of evil, a discomfort in our spirit.  In a store that sells New Age materials you may ‘feel’ different in your spirit, a discomfort.  This is the explanation for supernatural apparitions that happen in ‘haunted’ homes – demonic activity may be present.  Some countries and even continents are in extra deep darkness and bondage.  Often this can be sensed by mature, sensitive believers.  The message we get is from God’s Holy Spirit Who is warning us against the evil around us.  Pray against it.  Rebuke it.  Leave unless you have a reason God wants you there.

If it is your home or church property then cleanse it.  Pray, taking back any access the enemy may claim to the property and asserting your right as a child of God to claim and use it.  Put any other claims under the blood of Jesus and dedicate it to Him for His honor and glory.  A sign, picture or cross on the wall can be a good visual reminder to all of the ownership of the property by the Lord Jesus Christ.

If God wants you to do so, you can anoint the house and property while praying.  Walk around your’ boundaries praying out loud, claiming your property for God and forbidding any demons to have any access to it.  Dedicate it to God and invite His presence throughout all of it.  Take back any access any demons may claim to the property and put the access under the blood of Jesus.  Break it in Jesus’ name.  Ask God to put an angelic hedge of protection around it.  Do the same in all the rooms of the house, especially the basement (if you have one). Anoint each room with oil by dipping your finger in oil.  Any kind will do, it is not the oil but the symbolism of God’s Spirit being present that matters. With your finger then draw a cross on the door, walls, whatever seems appropriate.  Pray as you would when you’re walking around the property.

There is no power in the ritual or symbol, but in your heart attitude as you make a statement about whose side you are on.  You are showing them you are ready to battle in God’s strength.  The cross announces to the spirit world whose side you are standing on and that you will battle rather than give in.  The cross shows you are challenging their claim to that area.

If there is one particular part of the house that seems worse put a night light there so there is always light in to the room.  You could do that to all the rooms.  Demons turn from light because it shows truth and reality, which they don’t want to see.  They live in the realm of lies and deceptions.  Demons hate light, and they hate hearing Jesus praised, so you can play praise music in various places 24 hours a day.  It can be really soft – they will hear it! It’s a constant reminder or Who is your Lord and Savior.  It reminds them of the truth which counters their lies.  Playing recordings of the Bible being read is even more powerful.

If any of the above seem to be opening the door to demons to attack you, take a few minutes now to pray and ask Jesus to block those points of access.  Ask Him to remove any demonic activity in y9our life and replace it with the power and presence of His Holy Spirit.  Then thank Him for it. 


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