Openings Which Allow Demonizing


Why are some people more attacked demonically than others?  What allows a demon to have greater influence over one person than another?  There are several factors which open the door and allow demons to work.

Sin In Life:   If a person turns to another power other than God, a demon will use that desire to enter the person’s life and counterfeit the power he is looking for. If someone worships idols the Bible says there are demons behind the idols that receive the worship and gain control of the person.

Sin In The Family Line:  When a person opens themselves to a demon, the demon claims everything in the person’s life, including children they may have.  When those children have children they claim them as well.  Thus the same demon does the same work from generation to generation in a family.  That’s why many children struggle with the same sins and weaknesses that that their mother or father struggled with.

Land Where We Live Or Worship:  When a piece of land is dedicated to powers other than God then demons claim that land as theirs and attack anyone on that land who isn’t serving them.  All of India has been dedicated to evil and darkness, so Satan and his demons claim it in a special way.  If you live on land or if your church is located on land dedicated to powers other than God then those demons will attack you for being there.  They will try to cause sickness, poverty, disagreements, confusion, anger or any form of sin possible.

Curses:  If someone does not like you or your church because you are Christians and wishes something evil to happen, demons will take that curse as a prayer and it will empower them to work against you.

The good news is that God can and will break every one of those openings and free us from demonic powers which seek to control us.  We have victory in Jesus.  We just need to pray and take back any access any demons think they have to us.  Then in Jesus’ name we command them to be gone.  Finally, we ask God to fill us with His Holy Spirit and use us for His glory.

1 John 4:4  You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

(The next blog will talk about how to have victory over any demons doing these things in life.)

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