Resources about Gender and Same-Sex Attraction


A great read if you want to know the in’s and out’s of what happens between the day you’re born and the day you realize you’re attracted to the same sex.

What to do with sexual brokenness, being free from sin. a website for articles, testimonies, and online forums.

Restored Hope Network on Facebook, has great articles and testimonies posted almost every day. Seriously. So worth reading. They got some smart people posting for them.

Books (if I HAD to pick just a few…)

The End of Sexual Identity –  by Jenell Williams Paris  (my favorite! It’s very conversational, but it’s not about sexual healing as much as it sorta walks through why sex and our identities are so tied together)

Out of a Far Country – by Christopher Yuan, a Christian who speaks openly about his gay past-

Homosexuality and the Christian – Mark Yarhouse

Testimonies  Tim Keller’s response to homosexuality   A guy in a marriage, when he had a same-sex attraction.  a blog from a  girl looking for help from her church.  a man who got a sex change and God restored him, despite transitioning.

Counselors I would Recommend  Lancaster, PA Warminster, PA   Philadelphia, PA

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