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“I went to World View Camp every summer I got chance through high school. It was always a highlight of my year. The teaching was informative and held my attention even as a young teen. I grew spiritually through World View by participating in giving testimony and in daily quiet time with God.”

“I’ve only been to World View for one year but I loved learning how to share the gospel with others and how to defend my faith using the bible as my backup!”

“At World View I have learned many things such as new songs, bible lessons and met new people. My favorite part is the worship thru music because music is amazing. Chilling out on the front porch and talking with friends is another fabulous part of World View. I also like staying at other people’s houses, which allows me to get to know them and their families. Notably the most compelling week was when we were learning about the names of God and plainly what they each mean. I found El Roi interesting.”

“Our sons both attended Worldview Camp led by Jerry for several years when they were teenagers. They enjoyed the camp, but being teenagers did not share much of what they were learning with us. It became for them one of those times of soul searching and owning their faith. We were not sure at times in the teen years where they were with their walk with God as our family struggled with various issues. Jerry, however, always led each of us back to Jesus and the gospel and I feel that this has helped all of us and our faith as it is today. As parents we knew, and could trust that our children were receiving godly instruction and training at Worldview Camp. We mentioned Worldview Camp to our oldest son recently and he said how he really enjoyed the camp and Jerry’s teaching and how fun it was! “

“World View gave me the opportunity to grow with Christ surrounded by loving and supportive people. It helped me grow into the independent and strong willed person I am, and always kept me rooted in Jesus. The mentors (Pastor Schmoyer and Mrs. Koch) made an impact that helped me strive to be closer to God while also determining who I was through Him. Thank you for so many amazing experiences and friendships!”

“Worldview was such a big part of my teen and early young adult years. I learned so much from the sessions and have fond memories of those weeks spent in Doylestown. I also have so much respect for the individuals that led the sessions throughout the years.”

“I started going to World View in 2006 and loved it. I would say I continued going for the friendship, but World View was so much more than that. Everyone bonded not just on a surface level, but a spiritual level. I will never forget the year that started terrible. Pastor Schmoyer even announced that he could tell there was some serious spiritual warfare going on. All the small group leaders decided to get together upstairs on Wednesday evening. Alex Dennis started leading us in prayer. Everyone began confessing sins and discussing big issues in their life. We prayed for each other and cried. I was at a terrible place in life at the time and that moment was big for me. I confessed a huge burden in my life and started seriously working on it. World View has been a place where I remember the foundation of my faith. If there is no foundation, the building will crumble. I believe my faith is still strong today, because I was yearly reminded of the core reasons I believe. I still sometimes go back to my World View books and read them. There is SO much information in them. Thank you, Pastor Schmoyer for all the hard work you have put in to SO many years of World View. Not just running it, but putting so much time, effort and love into every part. Thank you, Jenni for stepping in and helping for all the years you have helped! You have added so much joy and energy. Thank you to everyone that made World View possible. I personally have benefited greatly!”

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