1. Have a great time, and get to know God and other campers better.
  2. Your leaders are here to help you in any way! Don’t hesitate to ask us for anything you need. Please respect all adult leaders and obey them promptly.
  3. Attend all sessions, be on time, and don’t leave during the session (use the restroom on breaks, please!). If you’re falling asleep, stand up along the side. Please sit in your assigned seat and NO SWITCHING BOOKS (we’re watching you!)
  4. No leaving church grounds any time for any reason..
  5. No using your car without leader permission.
  6. No using electronics during Worldview. We want to focus on what God is doing in all of us without distractions from the outside. Leave your phone at home, in your car, or in your bag and on airplane mode.  For emergencies, your parents can call the adult leaders.
  7. Curfew is 9:30 pm., so please be in bed and quiet by then. We need you awake for all the fun during the days!
  8. We also want you healthy so limit junk food and sweets, please!
  9. Modest is hottest, so please dress and speak appropriately. Please put on a shirt and (girls) put on shorts when getting out of the pool. Keep your language and jokes God-honoring at all times.
  10. Please show a welcoming, respectful attitude to all fellow campers. Please no rude or crude humor, insults, or anything Jesus wouldn’t do or say.
  11. We are all brothers and sisters at Worldview Plus Camp. No couples behavior, no PDA. Friendly hugs are fine!
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