“WorldView+ has always been a special time to me, even since my brothers started coming before I was old enough. WV has helped me to grow a lot over the years I’ve gone. I love WV and it’s the best week of my year.” – a male camper

“World View camp is a fun time for everyone, for the new and the old.  It is the perfect combination of fellowship, studying, devotions and worship.”  -Second Year Camper

“My oldest daughter began attending Worldview Plus camp in 2008. She was shy and unsure, but the other teens were so accepting that she felt at home very quickly. She has never wanted to miss a Worldview event since then, and it has been an incredible resource and encouragement in her life and growth as a Christian and a person. She has even used her old notebooks to share and encourage others with what she’s learned. My other two daughters have also attended as they became old enough. All have learned so much about the Bible, other religions and worldviews, their own temperaments, and issues of great importance in teens’ lives like relationships with parents, dating and issues of morality, relating to others with struggles such as depression and same sex attraction, and personal evangelism methods.  They have made friends who have meant the world to them and continue to encourage them in their daily walks in Christ, and in dealing with normal teen struggles. They have also gained leadership skills as they have grown into different leading roles at the camp as they grew older. They have blossomed greatly in this nourishing atmosphere! I thank the Lord wholeheartedly for this camp which has become a huge part of our lives and continues to bless us immensely.”  – A mother of daughters who attend

“World View is an incredible camp that has shaped who I am today. Interacting with other teens passionate about their faith while learning more and discussing topics important to specifically teens is truly a unique experience. World View stresses that everyone can make a difference for Christ, and most importantly, indicates how this can be done through personal growth in faith in Jesus Christ. I still keep in touch with many of my fellow campers and try to visit if I can — trust me, you will not walk away from World View without being changed in some way.” – A young lady  who came for 7 or 8 years

“World View has impacted my teens spiritually, morally and socially for 10 years now and is a priority on our family calendar.  My twenty-four year old started as a freshman and now returns as a speaker.  My nineteen year old took off the week from work, because he would not miss it.  My sixteen and fourteen year-olds love it and can’t wait to return in the fall for World View Reunion.  The principles they learn are sound and the friends they make are lasting. “ – A mother of 4 campers

“I have a word for the younger campers: these friends you make at WV last. I remember seeing _______ after no real contact in what must have been 2-3 years last year and it was as if nothing had changed, Europe, college, life, the bonds from past years had carried us back to the same standing and we just picked up. Every time I see someone again it brings a smile to this busy soul, even on a lunch break over here. “It’s been Years!” Is a phrase I use every year at WV and it’s something fantastic. Some of these people are STILL the most trusted individuals I have ever had, some carrying precious pieces of my life around with them.”  – A young man who is a longtime camper and leader  who returned for a visit

“It’s the highlight of my year.  I look forward to it all year long” – said by many campers year after year.

“I can’t thank you enough for what you do for the kids of World View.  My daughter described this year’s as the best, and also a perfect balance of spiritual renewal and connecting with her WV friends.  She expressed an interest in being a small group leader at the next WV .” – Father of a girl who attends

“My daughter said she had a great time this week at WV!! She said in the car on the way home “It’s a done deal, I’m going back next year!” Hahaha So I guess she loved it! Thank you to all those who made it happen.” – Mother of a 2015 camper

“A few years ago, a foster child, that I provided a temp home for attended World View and fell in love with it. The kids, whom he did not know accepted him, ignoring his special needs and made him feel welcome from day one.  The second day of camp he announced he would be coming back next year.  (and he did and is still coming). The last day of camp as I walked into church, I witnessed a beautiful miracle.  My foster child was surrounded by 4 young men with their arms on his shoulder praying over him.  He was crying  as he had just shared many sad memories of his past. This group of godly  men had listened to his story of loss and pain and did what they knew best.  They prayed.  It is not often is this world we live in  that one feels comfortable enough to be vulnerable and  share your heart and feel the love of friends. He accepted the Lord as his Savior and was baptized shortly thereafter. Thanks be to God, and this church for providing such a place of safety and love.”  – a foster mother





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